Archangel Michael Speaks 11-11-11 Gateway
Teachings Of Michael
The 11 11 Gateway
Michael Message
November 11 2011
Channeled and Scribed by Jeff Fasano

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome you as you move further and deeper into your heart. Each and every one of you has come to a precipice, a cross roads, an intersection and you are now ready to cross the threshold into the new. You are moving from the old and into the new. At this point in time in your universe and in your third dimensional realm you have moved to the threshold of the gateway and you are poised there waiting to walk through it into the new. You may look over your shoulder and wonder what was behind you in your old life and also wonder what is ahead of you in your new life. At this most important time on your 11 11 you stand at this gateway, some to a further extent and some to a lesser extent. Many of you are poised to move into the new to create the new world of community harmony and equality and opening to the depth and breadth of your heart. And may be wondering what is new?

What is new on this earthly plain?

As you stand at this gateway at this specific point in time various vortexes are beginning to open on your earthly plain. What is transpiring now is the movement from the consciousness of the Narcissistic Me where everything is about Me into We consciousness, the consciousness of community, harmony and equality. You are moving into grace and joy for the natural state of beingness is joy. You are moving from fighting for separation and duality. Look at duality within you, are looking for the fight? Look at isolation and separation. Are you asking, what is in it for me? Look at isolation and separation in your life and in your relationships.

Now as you stand at this gateway, this portal that is opening on your earthly plain look back over your shoulders and behind you at what was in your life, the old. What in the old no longer resonates for you? Look outside of you in the third dimension and ask what resonates for me and what no longer does? Look at the old in your life and look at the old in your relationships.

You are now at this precipice and each of you if you choose to can begin to entrain yourself into your divine soul plan and find your mission in this lifetime. Each of you has incarnated in the human form to complete your mission in the third dimensional realm. You have not chosen to come into this lifetime in the third dimensional realm to entrain yourself to your soul’s divine plan arbitrarily. You did not choose this human existence arbitrarily. You chose this existence to complete a mission. Have you found your mission? Do you know your purpose? Do you know who you are? Do you know what your talents and gifts are? As you stand at the threshold to move through gateway these are the parameters to follow in order to move through it. There are a certain number of those who will stridently move through this gateway as the Way Showers and Light Workers. And moving through it to know their purpose in this lifetime and fulfill their mission.

Your are now in the last moments of your year 2011 moving toward your year of 2012 where your world of form will no longer exist. Specific portals in time will open up and that will come in succession. It is not so much about the world of form outside of you, it is about your attachments to that world of from. Now as you look outside of yourself in your third dimension, what resonates for you there and what no longer does? What are you attached to in your old world of form? Where do your attachments to the old world of form exist? It is time to release those attachments. Do you look at your old governmental forms and still believe that those mythical leaders will lead you to the promise land? Look at your old financial structures, your old political structures, look at the structures outside of you. What no longer resonates for you? Dose anything resonate for you?

You are all on a path to move from the outer to the inner. Take now a good long look at who you are inside. You are moving into the spiritual age of your lifetime. Many of you are there. Many of you have found your mission. You are moving to the inner where you are fully becoming you and honoring and valuing your uniqueness. Each and very one of you is ready to connect with your soul note and your divine plan. And each of you is now ready to cross the threshold and move through the gateway. It is about how you choose to cross that gateway. Are you choosing to cross it still looking outside of you to be validated and gratified? Are you still looking outside of you for love? Are you still looking outside of you to be validated that you are lovable. It is now about moving within and crossing that gateway at this portal in time. In succession new gateways will open as you move toward your year of 2012.You have come to the final gateway to move towards your year of 2012. As you move into the year of 2012 you will begin to move toward the fruition of your mission, your endeavors and your new life.

As you clear the layers of wounding from around your heart and move within to clear your attachments, the wounding, the ego self and unlock the chains around your heart you then will be able to receive you. And see you, and your brethren. As you see others you see you. You are moving from a steadfast Me consciousness where everything is about me to We consciousness of community, harmony and equality. It is not about changing the old and this is why we ask you to look over your shoulders at the old. Do you think there is anything changeable in the old? Are you ready to look over your shoulders at what was and garner your gifts and talents, garner the gifts and lessons and bring everything with you that you have learned and step through this gateway on this most precious time on your earthly plain?

Portals will open. For each of you portals will open individually that will give you the impetus to gallantly step forward as the way showers. Have you chosen to be the light workers and the way showers? Are you opening up to divineness and grandness of self so you can look directly into the mirror and say, this is how much I love me. So you no longer need to look outside of you for that love. You can choose that love. You are at a time of choice as an adult. Are you ready to release having the wounded little child run your life? Are you ready to choose adulthood so you can make choices for yourself? Then you can choose relationships for yourself instead of living in the old and what those relationships are supposed to be. The only relationship you are ever having is the relationship you are having with you. Every relationship you are having outside of you mirrors the relationship you are having with you. What therefore is the relationship you are having with you? Do you love you? Do you honor you? Do you value you?

In order to step through this gateway it is important to have a deeper sense of self that you have never known. So you can garner that energy, raise the vibration and connect to your new soul family. And within the soul family raise its resonance. It is all about resonance and vibration. You all are energy. Connect with your energy. Where is it? What is it? Feel the energy within you. As you move through your process in life it is about raising the level of resonance and vibration within you. At this glorious and momentous time on your earthly plain it is time if you so choose to move through the gateway and begin to congregate and meet your new soul family. The new soul family is simply those who resonate and vibrate as you do or at a similar level with a similar mission. Yet being unique unto themselves.

True freedom dear ones is about knowing who you are. True freedom is when you look into the mirror and love, honor and value your uniqueness. Within the new soul family that uniqueness is celebrated. Are you unique or do you look over your shoulder at the old and say I must still follow the herd and try to fit in. As you cross this gateway it is no longer about fitting in. It is about gallantly crossing this gateway with grace and joy and raising the level of resonance and vibration of those who you simply gaze upon as they raise yours. Then in the new soul family en masse raise the level of resonance and vibration there. It is about forming new congregations of like-minded unique individuals who are here to fully express who they are by utilizing their talents and gifts. What are your talents and gifts? You are at a specific point in time at this threshold that when crossing it moves you from the old. It is the final threshold to your year of 2012 where you can formulate your new endeavors at a new vibration and resonance. It is about being your message. What is your message? Are you emulating your message? It is now about being who you are and your message. These are the parameters with which to step through that new gateway, the new portal in time. Moving into We consciousness of community harmony and equality.

It is time to see the abundance that lies within you. Are you still looking at what isn’t in your life yet? So We ask you, what is in your life? Who is in your life? Are you in your life? Are you a full participant in your life or are you observing your life? Are you in charge of your life? Are you participating in your life or are you observing your life as you observe the world outside of you? You are now at a point to set finite intentions through affirmation. You are now ready to walk through this threshold, the gateway, and this portal in time. Are you ready to walk through this gateway to connect with your soul’s divine plan? That is what this threshold and gateway will lead you to. You can walk through it gallantly and uniquely connecting to your soul’s divine plan and your new soul family that celebrates your uniqueness and celebrates you as an individual and being who you are. This is the new. It is not about the herd mentality, the herd consciousness and trying to fit in. It is about the full self-expression of the uniqueness of you. This is the new. The new is celebrated. Your uniqueness is celebrated. You are celebrated. Yet the only way others can celebrate you is if you celebrate yourself. Are you celebrating yourself? Are you loving, honoring and valuing you? Are you loving, honoring and valuing your talents and gifts? What are those talents and gifts that you have?

It is all about empowering you. Standing in the powerfulness of you so you can look outside of you and understand not in your mental body for this is where the conditioning lies. It is about understanding it in the knowingness in your heart the divineness of you and seeing your uniqueness and divineness. As you see others you see you. As they see you, you see others.

If you are so inclined it is time to walk through that threshold. Yet you stand at its intersection. Look to your right, then to your left. Look behind you. Look ahead of you. Ahead of you is the unknown through the new gateway. As you look forward into the unknown, some are looking to the right, some are looking to the left and some are being drawn back into the old. And doing this because it just may be comfortable. Are you comfortable in the old? What comfort zones do you still inhabit? You may not like being in these comfort zones but they are comfortable because you know them. What you know is what you know. What you know is what you have been conditioned with. Yet the true knowing is in the depth and breadth of your heart. And where you connect with your mission and your soul’s divine plan.

Look straight ahead through the new gateway to this portal that is being opened at this point in time known as your 11 11. This is the 11 11 Gateway, a portal into the unknown, a portal into grace and joy. It is a portal into the We and creating a new world of community, harmony and equality.

Are you looking over your shoulder and thinking that it is comfortable in the old. And saying, I am not sure if I want to walk through that gateway. I’m frightened because there is nothing in the unknown. The unknown is your new pallet in which to create your new life. What are you utilizing with your talents and gifts to create your new life? It is time to empower yourselves to stand in the unknown to create the new and gather with your new soul family. And gather with your brethren and those who are resonating and vibrating as you do. Gather with those who have a similar mission as you. Do you know what your mission is? It is time as you stand at this precipice, this gateway to ask yourself, am I ready to create my new life? Am I ready to create the new world of community, harmony and equality? Are you ready to move into an undeniable abundance that already exists within you? Or are you still looking at what might not be in your life yet?

Look over your shoulders at the old. Are you comfortable in the old? Or are you ready to move gallantly and stridently into the new?

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