Five Agreements From
Archangel Michael

“World Service”

Agreement 1

We welcome you at this wonderful and most glorious time as you begin again and now ready to emerge into the new life of community, harmony and equality. You have reached the point whether you know it or not consciously where you are ready, open and available to all that is coming to you and what you say you want on the pathway into the unknown. What you say you want is not necessarily anything outside of yourself that will give you something to validate and gratify you to know who you are and why you are here. You already know this. And have moved through a process to know it and know as well why you are here. Many of you are entrenched in why you are here and some are just getting a glimpse of it. Now you are ready to find out where you are and within you find where the future lies and where you are going out in the world. First however there are aspects you must know and this is “5 Agreements”. We come now to bring them to you and encapsulate them for you.

We begin by asking why are you here? Are you here to get something for yourself? And move out in the world to find a glimpse of safety and security? Are you here just to get by and endure life and survive it? You have moved through the series “Who are you?” and “Why you are here” discovering and remembering your talents and gifts and if you now look into the well in the depth of your heart you will see that it is full. And filled with who you are and your talents and gifts so now you can begin to embody this. The question is, now that you have moved beyond the gate that is closed and locked behind you, where are you? Now that you are moving into the unknown with who you are and your talents and gifts and the well is filled within, what is the next step? Have you asked yourself this?

Now that I am full, understand who I am and know what my talents and gifts are, what do I do with this? Am I wondering, what do I do with my talents and gifts? What do I do now that I have discovered who I am? And as I take a step further along the pathway into the unknown do I continually work on this to move deeper within to know and understand me that much more? Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I in this moment?

So We ask you, why are you here in this moment? Are you here to discover where you are in this process called life? Where are you in this process? Are you ready to take the next step out into the world with your talents and gifts to give them to the world? Are you ready to do this or are you not quite sure what this is? This is World Service.

World Service is different for all of you because you are unique unto yourself. Your talents and gifts are unique to you, yet simply a tool to express you. What out in the world would you like to shift and change now that you have shifted and changed you or in the process of doing so? In this process you are at a certain place. Some are further along and some are beginning to end the process. Those in that ending are entering a “fine tuning” process of who you are. And some are just discovering that and some just remembering it. For some who are further along they are now ready to take their talents and gifts out into the world in service to it.We had asked you many times to look at the world outside of you and ask, what resonates for you there? What have you been led and conditioned to believe about the world outside of you? What resonates for you there based upon the truth in the depth of your heart?We ask you to now write down your definition of World Service? In this next exercise begin once again with where am I? Where am I right now in this process that began with the first series of lectures and now to this point? Then ask who am I? What are my talents and gifts? This is a refresher so you can begin to find where you can be utilized based upon who you are, and where your talents and gifts can be utilized in service to the world to create community, harmony and equality. Am I ready to move from the depth of the narcissism of “the me” to release that and it being all about me, in order to move out into the world? Can you look at the world outside of you and see where you no longer need gratification and validation from anything or anyone out there, and know just who you are and ready to be that? Are you ready to be you? Am I ready to give my talents and gifts to the world that fully express me? Am I ready to make a difference as I have made a difference to me?

We also ask you to look at one wonderful and glorious soul in your life and see if you have made a difference in their life. If you have to, ask them. For then you will see in the microcosm your world service or the beginning of it. Find this one soul who you energetically resonate with, where there is a balance of giving and receiving and see what you are giving and see what you are receiving? Are you giving with an attachment? Meaning, when you give are you looking to get something back? Connect with this soul who you have received an inordinate amount from in the energetic connection and has raised the level of resonance and vibration within you. This is what world service is. It begins with you moving through the process of finding out, rediscovering and remembering who you are so you can raise the level of resonance and vibration within you. As you do this, you can then rediscover and remember your talents and gifts and We have taken you through this entire process. Once you begin to understand and remember your talents and gifts ask, can I give this? Find that wonderful soul with whom you are doing this with now. However, this can only begin by releasing the need for validation and gratification outside of you. Looking for this outside of you by giving what you have deemed as your talents and gifts to get something in return is not service. It is just a continuation of the old paradigm and the old habits, patterns and rituals.

Where are you? Are you ready? Do you continue looking outside of you for who you are and for validation and gratification? If this is where you are it is most important that you recognize it and if you so choose take a different path. In service to your world there is no place for the perpetuation of validating and gratifying the “narcissistic me”. It is most important to understand this if you so choose to. Service to your world has nothing to do with you. It has to do with who you are, why you are here and your talents and gifts. These are all parts of you and now it is about giving. Service to the world has nothing to do with the depth of the narcissism of you and having to get when you give. Nor having to be gratified and validated outside of you and the attachments there, as well as perpetuating the old habits, patterns and rituals of the narcissistic self.

Where are you? You have moved to a depth within your heart and raised the resonance and vibration to a level where you can now transfer that energy out into the world. For this is also what world service is. Creating the new world of harmony, community and equality is simply about shifting the level of resonance and vibration from the depth of the desire body ( the lower 3 chakras) into your heart then begin to give from that place where there is no need for validation and gratification. There is a deep sense of self and self love there.

This is an overview of the 5 Agreements and We just touched on Agreement 1 which is World Service. Agreement 1A is the “Narcissistic Me”. We have just given you the definition of this as well. It is the perpetuation of this out into the world where everything is about me and the validation and gratification of “the me”.

Agreement 2 is your “Personal Process”. Are you processing you each and every day by utilizing your tools and whatever means you choose to do so? Are you utilizing your tools to have your feelings and to move the energy within your physical body? Are you using the tools that We have brought to you through these two lecture series? The personal process is the process each and every day of moving through that which holds you in a place of maintaining and sustaining the old habits, patterns and rituals of the old life. Are you ready for the new? Are you ready to change the world in world service? Are you ready to move out into the world with your talents and gifts in service to it to shift the level of resonance and vibration? And transfer energetically the resonance and vibration that has shifted within you? You can begin to do this with each other. Where are you resonating and vibrating now? Where have the shifts taken place? They have taken place during these last two series of lectures that have allowed you, assisted, guided and supported you in your personal process. Your personal process is a perpetual process that you continually go through every day of your life. Raising the level of resonance and vibration within you raises your consciousness and awareness of you and your behaviors, patterns, habits and rituals that you have said you need to shift and change in order to live and have what you say you want.

The personal process is perpetuating what We have given you and whatever you utilize that allows you to continually raise the level of resonance and vibration within you to raise your awareness and consciousness. So you know when you are trapped in the narcissism of “the me” you will know it in each and every moment of “what is”.

Where am I? What is? The 3rd Agreement, “What Is”, is living in the moment. This is why We continually ask you and begin every exercise with where am I? Am I living in the now, in the present? Am I feeling my feelings? Where am I now? Am I simply feeling this feeling in the moment?

In order to live with “what is” where you are in every moment, it is most important to remain in the process personally and recognize the narcissism of the self. What is? How does that make me feel? Where am I? What is going on in this very moment for me? Am I looking outside of me? Am I projecting my energy or anything outside of me? What choice am I making in this moment? Where am I in this moment?

As you move to recognize this through your personal process as well as all the aspects of the narcissistic me and releasing old habits, patterns, and rituals by utilizing your tools, you get to know and love you more. This is why We began this entire process by asking you to write down 5 aspects that you love about you. Beginning with the glass as full.

As you move through this process you begin to gain a deeper sense of who you are, a complete sense of self which is Agreement 4. Who am I? Do I know who I am? This is why We gave you the specific ten part series, “Who are you?” We ask you to utilize the tools we have given you in each of these series. And as you move through them and gain a deeper sense of who you are, then understanding, remembering and rediscovering your talents and gifts you begin to move to a depth within your heart to create a sense of self you have never known. With this, and this only can you give. With a deeper sense of knowing who you are without having to look outside of you for that and then understanding, remembering, rediscovering, embodying and loving your talents and gifts and gaining a deeper sense of those aspects of you, you then can look into the mirror and have a depth of “knowingness” and then “beingness”. Have the depth of love of self so you can express that and who you are by utilizing your talents and gifts. This is what world service is, a deep love of self, of beingness. Love is beingness, being who you are. I love myself this much so I can simply be that then use my talents and gifts to express the love that I have for me. If I love me this much, can I now give of my talents and gifts from that place my sense of self to then fully receive love? This is Agreement number 5.

In order to fully give without attachment one must know how to give to you. When you know how to do this and We have given you exercises to learn how to do so and then receive from you, you can then begin to give to another. Knowing what it feels like to receive from you and have that experience is by giving to you. Loving you enough to give to you. Loving you enough to give what you say you want to you. This is not outside of you. Nothing nor anyone will give you what you say you want. For no one can know what that is unless you have given it to yourself first and received it. No one outside ofyou can give you anything unless you give it to yourself first and then receive it. Once you know this then you can move into world service.

If world service is what you say you are here for, it is most important to look at all of what has just been presented to you see where you are. Where are you within these 5 Agreements? These are agreements and they are not made by anyone outside of you, they are made with you first. It is an agreement to commit to you and to your personal process.

I commit to move through all the aspects of the narcissistic me to heal what holds me in the old. Can I live in the moment and receive it? Can I be who I am, and live in the moment and receive it? Can I give to myself and receive it? Can you begin making agreements with yourself based on these 5 agreements?

If so, then the agreement is the impeccability of your word and the integrity of it. Giving your word to you that you will agree with you to commit to this. Commit to healing the aspects of the narcissistic me that hold you in places that no longer resonate with you, yet you are there. Can you move into a personal process on a daily basis with whatever means you chose and utilize your tools? Can I now fully commit to me? Can I love me enough to raise the level of resonance within to gain a greater sense of self so I can move out into the world and give and then take responsibility to receive? This is all about taking responsibility for you, which is the impeccability and integrity of your word. It is now time to be the message, to be who you are. It is time to release projecting outside of you myths and legends about what it should be, what it could be and what it ought to be. Now, it is simply being who you are and moving through that with these 5 agreements.

Though world service is agreement 1 it is also number 4 and 5. You will move back and forth through these agreements. It is not a movement from number 1 to 5 and then the process is finished, it is an endless process, and it is called life. The 5 agreements is something that you might choose to guide your life by with the impeccability and integrity of your word to you. It is now time to be what you speak. When you speak, look at the mirror and ask, am I being what I am speaking? This is the impeccability and integrity of the word.

What We have just given you is an overview of these 5 Agreements. They have become the cornerstone of Children of the Awakened Heart. Through this frequency from the Archangelic Realm of Michael they have been relayed to the 5 forbearers through this messenger and have been relayed to you by them. We are now here to present them directly to you. Look at them and see how they pertain to you.

Be now with where you are and allow the soul’s divine plan to begin to formulate within. Begin to feel your feelings and be who you are. Allow yourself the freedom to enjoy your process and move through it. The process is the release of the old and it is beginning to happen. It is what you have intended for yourself, so ask, is it truly what I say I want? Do I truly want to shift and change? Do I truly set my intentions to release the old? Do I truly want to move into the new world of harmony, community and equality and give to it in service to it?

Or is it most important that as the shifts take place in my life, the shifts that are necessary to move into the new, to be with them? Can I know that this is important tomove into service of the We so I can release where “the me” needs to be validated in the We? Can I focus my attention on the We? Can I fully allow the process that I have intended to take place do so for me, so I can fully release “the me” in order to be me in “the we”?

Michael-isms“As you allow the divine order of releasing the old and let it take place you will move through a depth of feelings. Sometimes it will feel like death. It is the death of the old. Be with these feelings. ““It is most important to be where you are and be with the shifts and changes of life. Be in the process of life. Simply Be.”


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