Five Agreements From
Archangel Michael

“What Is”

Agreement 3

You are moving stridently forward and taking your scepter in hand and beginning to charge forward into life. And now realizing the aspects of old drama and glamour. You are now opening the depth of your heart to fully know who you are in order to be in the moment of your life. Living in each moment of your life so you can open to receive in that moment. You are releasing having to sink and indulge into your feelings and the old habits, patterns and rituals that held you in lack and limitation and struggling to survive life. You realize the old, see it and now look at it in “the rearview mirror”.

As you move now on the pathway and come to roadblocks and into blind spots you utilize your tools now to move through them. What comes up for you here is the old. Here you realize the old way you would have reacted to the situation or the roadblock. Yet now unconsciously and without even thinking about it you reach for your bag of tools. Your intention in this moment with “What Is” is this, I know that I am hitting a roadblock and know that these feelings are coming up, energy is shifting within me, and I am changing. I am being faced with something that in the past would in many ways paralyze me. That would allow me to continue the old habits, patterns and rituals and I would. You are now seeing this and simply making a new choice. And this new choice is based upon who you are and loving you enough to remain committed to moving forward and toward.

You know now that your main intention, goal and reason why you are here is to give of your talents and gifts in service to the world. You also know that the personal process and processing the narcissism of “the me” has nothing to do with world service so you stop and see all of this now. You know who you are and you continue that process. Knowing who you are is simply another term for loving you deeper. Since you know you, you know the essence of you. This is why We gave you the two series “Who are You?” and “Why You Are Here” and the exercises. To move to the depth and breadth of your heart to uncover and remember the truth and the essence of you which is love. You cannot love anything or anyone outside of you until you know the essence of you and love that essence. Many of you are there, some are moving towards it and some are just getting a glimpse of it.

So when you come to the roadblock on the pathway, you stand in front of it and utilize your tools so you can clearly see the old in front of you. And see the old habits, patterns and rituals that you would partake in to perpetuate the old. You have moved to a level of resonance and vibration within you and raised it to a point where you are now conscious of you. You now can respond and make another choice.The choice being, what tools can I utilize that will allow me to continue the movement forward and toward in the unknown to process this personally? And maintain the commitment to me and focus on serving the world?

In this moment is the moment, and it is “What Is”. This is the third agreement. Agreeing in the moment to fully be with “What Is” in the moment of now. And seeing with what We just explained to you is the power of you in that moment or the power of the now. In the moment when you hit a roadblock and a blind spot you might slip back a bit because you are human having this experience. You just might take a half step backwards but the difference now is, a question comes to you. And it is, how much do I love me in this moment? What do I need to do to accept with compassion where I am in the moment so I can process the aspect of the narcissistic me that is coming up to release it? So I can maintain the commitment of moving forward and towards which is a commitment to me. You simply being the messenger of multi-dimensional energies is what you are here to do and is unique unto you. And if you make the choice to remain in the old, that uniqueness of giving you to the world is denied to others. Some will understand this and partake in it. Some will choose to remain in the narcissism of the me where it is all about me and continue making everything outside of them about them.

It is now up to you to make the new choice in the moment. And this choice is: If my intention is service to the world, the narcissism of me is to be left out of that. I now know who I am and love me enough. It is not about validating nor gratifying myself outside of me or giving to get and I no longer need to prove who I am, or I am worthy and good enough. I now know this. So when I hit the blind spot or the roadblock I can now reach for my bag of tools or support and guidance for my brethren who resonate and vibrate at the same level that I. It is time for you to be aware of this. This is the way in which you will form the new soul family of community, harmony and equality.

We have told you about the formation of the new soul family, are you doing this? Are you seeing the formation of the new soul family based upon the uniqueness, and individuality of you? Can you now understand, see and realize that the new soul family is being formed because some of you are reaching out to other wonderful and glorious souls who you thought you never would nor entertain? Some of you find trepidation here. Some of you find the door opening wider and connecting with those coming through it on a different level. All this happens in the moment with “What Is”.

“What Is’ is about letting go of the mental body and projecting outside of you everything that might, could, will, or possibly happen. This is control. Living with what is and committing and agreeing to it is the first step in releasing trying to control everything outside of you.

Can you commit to what is? Can you look at what is in each and every moment of your life and utilize your tools? Stop, breathe, move into your heart and ask, where am I? We have always asked you to ask yourself in every moment, where am I? Where you are is in the moment of now. Nothing else is going on, not the past or the future in that moment.

In the human form this is the only place you can be. There is no time, the future, past and present is happening all at once and based upon this all you have is the moment, “What Is”. What is right now for you? Can you agree to be in the moment and love you? And in that moment if you are triggered by someone outside of you and hit a roadblock, or blind spot, can you ask,
If I love me enough, can I stop, look for my bag of tools and ask, what is my commitment? Is it to me and my movement forward and towards on the pathway into the unknown to serve the world? Or is it to avoid the moment? Dance around the moment utilizing the old patterns, habits and rituals that will keep me in lack, limitation, or struggling to survive life? Or for that matter struggling to survive the moment? Do you choose to respond in the moment or survive the moment? What do you utilize to respond in the moment? What are the old habits, patterns and rituals that you use to survive the moment? Can you move into your heart, tap into the resonance and vibration within then open your heart to you? And ask, how much do I love me? Do I love me enough to give to the world in this moment what I have discovered in the depth and breadth of my heart? If this is your commitment, then it is also to move forward and towards on the pathway to the intersection. Is my intention and commitment to continue the journey of moving forward and towards? Or is it to resist and avoid the feelings in the moment and utilize my old patterns, habits and rituals to survive the moment? You have these two choices.

Living with what is, is an agreement. It is made not to anyone or anything outside of you it is made to you. It will allow you to be where you are, when you are and be you with acceptance and compassion. It will allow you to begin to release trying to control everything outside of you and respond to what is in the moment. You have garnered enough tools to now do this so it is up to you to make the agreement.

Ask, am I living in the moment? Am I living with what is? What is in my life right now? Where am I? Who am I? Do I love me enough? Can I respond in the moment? Do I move into and sink into the feelings that come up in the moment? These feelings come up based upon what is in front of you on the pathway in the moment and could challenge and test you. Do you react or respond to this?

Where are you in this moment? If you choose to make this agreement it is important in your movement toward. For if you do it will allow you to open the doorway into the future, your future, wider. By living in the moment and accepting what is in that moment is the only way you can move forward and towards now. By accepting what is with compassion and where you are with what is in the moment and allow it, the doorway will open wider so you can move out into the world further.


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