Five Agreements From
Archangel Michael

“Sense of Self”

Agreement 4

You are now beginning to shift into a brand new reality. You are leaving the old behind and have made the choice to move into the new. The old no longer serves you and the movement forward and toward. It no longer serves your highest good and the highest good of the new relationships you are forming or the formation of the new soul family. The old should be behind you on the path into the unknown and the intersection where you will meet your soul’s divine plan.

Are you still in the old and repeating old habits patterns and rituals or do you see them as old? Are you moving into the depth of your heart and feeling your feelings? Do you move into your metal body and look to control everything outside of you?

Are you now getting a firm sense of who you are? Knowing who you are. Are you utilizing your talents and gifts to move into the unknown? Are you utilizing your tools, the exercises We have given you in the two 10 part series Who Are You? and Why You Are Here? What are the talents and gifts you are utilizing to move into the unknown? Are you stridently moving forward into the unknown towards expressing yourself and being who you are? Do you know who you are? Do you know exactly where you are? Are you looking at the old dramas in your life and are they coming up once again to rear their ugly heads so you can partake in the drama? Where are you being “bogged down” in the old? Are you partaking in the old? Have you utilized your tools so you can now respond in each and every situation and still move forward as roadblocks come before you? Are these roadblocks turning into brick walls? Or are you opening to the depth of your heart and opening your bag of tools so you can see the roadblock whatever that may be for you? It could be the old, or an old relationship that no longer resonates for you but you are still in it. You can now move into your heart, look at the roadblock, utilize your tools and still maintain the focus and commitment of moving forward and toward. Or do you look over your shoulder at what was and tantalized by it because it is comfortable? Are you still in comfort zones? What are they? Where are you still comfortable recreating the old?We are talking to you about making the final choice to move into the new and creating the new world of harmony, community and equality. To move within that by being who you are and utilizing your talents and gifts to know why you are here. Do you know why you are here?

Or are you meandering along the pathway hoping that someone or something will come along to tell you why you are here? Can you move within to see and understand why you are here? You are here to give of your talents and gifts in whatever way you choose and then open your heart to receive love.

Yet before you do this We take you back to the first 10 part series “Who Are You?” to introduce you to the fourth agreement known as The Sense of Self. Knowing who you are will create for you a sense of self. Knowing who you are will allow you to give to you and why We gave you the exercise to give something every day to you for you. Thus being able to love you.

Many asked, why should we do this? If you asked this question it is an indication of how much you love you. You should be giving something new to you every day if not many things. After all you do love you? If you do, you will begin to have a sense of who you are. As you move through the personal process your sense of self will be shown to you in varying degrees. Processing the narcissistic me and the old by utilizing your tools will reveal this.

Sense of Self is what you are now asked to look at. To what degree do you love you? Or do you love you at all? Where are you? Who are you? Knowing who you are and moving through each lesson that we gave you will bring you to a place of understanding who you are, knowing it and loving you. The only way in which you can move to the next step, giving and receiving love in balance is to know who you are and have a sense of self. Receiving love means opening to the depth of your heart and receiving it without attachment. Or is it giving you something that you think is not within you? Gratification and validation is not receiving love, it is about getting something from outside of you to validate who you are. In order now to begin to receive love you must know who you are and have a deep sense of that. Anything else is simply gratifying the addiction to looking for something outside of you to tell you who you are. Are you still doing this? Are you still looking outside of you for the mythical mom and dad figure to tell you who you are, to give you a sense of self? Do you still look to those who you do give to, to tell you how wonderful you are for doing so? Thus giving you a sense of who you are. It is time to truly give to you. Who are you? How much do you love you? How deep is your sense of self? Are you still doing all of the above?

Knowing who you are is of the utmost importance now because it is time to fully release looking outside of you for anything that will satisfy your addictions. Satisfy looking outside of you for your gratification and your validation. By having a deep sense of self you will no longer need to do this. You will no longer be expending an inordinate amount of energy to hold in place that aspect of the narcissistic me. Are you processing this?

Are you conscious when you look outside of you for validation, gratification and satisfaction? Are you aware that you do it? Can you see when it is revealed to you that you are partaking in this old behavior? Can you see it for what it is with compassion and acceptance? Realize it, process it in your personal process so you can understand it, not in your mind but in your heart. Look to see if you are perpetuating this.

So We ask you once again to write down five aspects that you love about you. When you do this now see if it makes sense to you. Can you receive it? Can you give to you these five aspects of you that you love to see if it makes sense to you. Is it you? Do you get a sense of you when you write this down? Are you conscious of them and do you embody them? This will give you a wonderful indication of how deep a sense of you, you have. Do you know who you truly are and do you have a deep sense of it?Can you give to you daily? And what do give to you based simply on the fact that you love you? Or is it a duty and a chore to do this? Give something to you each and every day. Look at what you give you and how much of it you give to you.

Is it something you joyfully do for you because you know who you are, love you and have a great sense of this so you can begin to receive it? When you give of your talents and gifts do you have a sense of what you are giving? What part of you are you giving?How much do you give? Do you give yourself away to be loved? And are you still repeating these old patterns? Do you have a sense of how much energy you expend on giving each day and a sense of how much you spend on receiving each day? Is there a balance? This all relates to the sense of self. For when you give you receive. Can you give to you and receive it? Find those five aspects and receive them and find out if they make sense to you. Where are you now in this process as you move forward and toward? Where are you on the pathway into the unknown and how far along are you?

When a roadblock comes before you, do you stop indulge and sink? Or do you know who you are, know your talents and gifts and giving them to create the new world of harmony, community and equality and forming the new soul family? Do you get bogged down in the narcissism of you and within the blind spot forget everything and sink and indulge back into old habits, patterns and rituals and wonder why and how?

Or, are you being you, utilizing your tools, feeling your feelings, knowing who you are and your talents and gifts? If you know all of this can you embody it and gain a sense of you within it? Who are you? How much of you do you know?

Do you know why you are going through this process to find out? Do you know why you undertake the process personally to move through the aspects of the narcissistic me? Why do you do this? We ask you to answer this question. Why am I going through this process of ascension? Why have I chosen to move beyond the gates to create the new world of harmony and equality? Am I going to get something from it? Am I going to be gratified, deified andloved for doing it? Am I going to finally prove to mom and dad that I have become successful? Or are you truly here with a great sense of self that has been garnered by moving through the process utilizing your tools and doing the “work”? Are you committed to doing that work so you can move well beyond the illusions and glamours of your third dimensional realm to move into the depth of your heart to reveal the truth within? And reveal the essence of you within? Move to a place of being-ness which is love. Love is not something you get from outside of you. It simply radiates from the depth and breadth of your heart. You are love. However do you know enough and have a sense of you to love you? Or are you looking for that outside of you?You are now ready to make definitive choices and decisions about moving forward and towards and taking your life to a new level. You are on the road to the unknown and have chosen the path of the Lightworker. Are you responsible within you to take the responsibility as the Way Shower as those will come through the door to meet you and see you? When they ask you, what is your process, can you simply show then the way and allow them to join you? Or will you continue in the old habits, patterns and rituals and sink into the old drama and glamour of your life?

It is time to make this decisions and the way in which you will make it is by having a deeper sense of self so you will know.Can you now accept with compassion that this is exactly where you are supposed to be because you have free will and have made the choice to be here?


When old habits, patterns and rituals are no longer available to use any longer the shift into the new has begun. The old is no longer available. What happens when you get to this place you are in “nothingness” where nothing and everything exists at the same time. it is an unknown place where the old bag of tricks is empty. You can only resort to your tools and what is and who you are.


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