Five Agreements From
Archangel Michael

“Receiving Love”

Agreement 5

From the Archangelic realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome you at this wonderful and most glorious time.

You have come to the conclusion and now ready to walk into the clearing of the new. It is as if you are standing at a new doorway and each of you individually has come to this place with a specific conclusion or an ending point in your life. And ready to open that door into the next part of it. This part is to begin to fully give of you and your talents and gifts to the world in service to it. To now fully form the new soul family. To remain on the pathway into the unknown which is life, towards the intersection. For quite some time We have been telling you about this intersection where it is about connecting to your soul fragment’s divine plan. As you move along the pathway into the unknown consistently moving through the aspects of the narcissistic me, the layering of wounding surrounding your heart, and continue to heal this in your personal process in order to get to know you deeper, you allow yourself to live in the moment. This is the moment of “What Is”. Living in each and every moment on the pathway through that new doorway with what is in your life.

Who am I? What are my talents and gifts? What do I love about me? What are those five aspects that I love about me and do I recognize each of them? Does it ring true to me? Not in my mind but in my heart? Do I know who I am? Do I love me? Do I know what my talents and gifts are and do I know why I am here?

We have brought you through two ten part series, Who Am I and Why am I Here, recognizing and remembering your talents and gifts. So as you move to this new doorway do you know why you are here? Do you fully know now who you are and your talents and gifts? Why are you here Dear Ones? Are you here to give of your talents and gifts that simply express who you are? Or are you here to get from what is outside of you to fill you up for validation, gratification and to satisfy you and the addiction to all of this? The addiction is having to fill yourself up with something from outside of you for validation, gratification and satisfaction. Thus still remaining in a place where it is all about you. Or are you moving to that new doorway and ready to walk through it to give of your talents and gifts and as you do can you open your heart and begin to receive?Life is about giving and receiving in balance. In order to give you have to know who you are and love you. For if you don’t Dear Ones you have nothing to give and don’t know what you are giving. If you know who you are you can then move to understand your talents and gifts and be able to give them without attachment or having to get anything in return other than what is important to you. And that is love. How this is measured in your third dimensional realm is specifically encoded in you.

We now move you to the fifth agreement of the Five Agreements and this is about receiving love. In order to get to this place to fully receive love and know what it is like, have you given to yourself? Do you give to you everyday? Do you know what you need and know what you boundaries are? As you open to your heart and the depth and breadth of it, can you receive love? Receiving love is not about gratifying or validating your worth. It is simply an affirmation as to who you are. What you are receiving you already know because you know who you are, honor and value you and love you. You know you are worthy and what you are worth which is measured in your third dimensional realm accordingly. It is based upon your personal measurement system. I know what I am giving and the energy I am expending in giving and the time I am expending and now as I open my heart to receive based upon my needs, boundaries, talents and gifts can I now open to receive the affirmation of this? To receive love. Have I given love to me? Can I give to me? Have you given to yourself to know how that feels? Have you moved through the process to know who you are to gain a greater sense of self? For in order to receive love a greater sense of self is a prerequisite. Receiving love is not about you learning who you are, you already know this. What you are receiving is an equal balance of what you have given.

So we ask you to look at what you are giving and how much of it you are. Are you receiving an equal balance in return? What are you receiving? Are you still giving to get? Is there an attachment with your giving? I am giving this so I can get that? I am giving this in this relationship so I can get this and know the outcome of what the relationship is. Or are you simply giving you knowing who you are? Giving from the well deep within that is already full? Full with you. Or do you look at what isn’t there and give to fill up that well? What are you giving? Look at what you are giving, the talents and gifts that you are giving and at how much time you are putting into it. Are you giving yourself away to be loved? Or do you have a full sense of self to know that what you are giving, when you are giving and how you are giving, and then gone within into your own measurement system to explain to those you are giving to your needs and boundaries in receiving? Then do you open your heart to simply receive love which as We said to you is an affirmation of what you already know? Thus there is no attachment and you are not looking to get something, to be gratified, validated or satisfied.

Giving is “open ended” it is endless. Receiving is endless. Yet it is most important as you come to that new doorway that you fully understand all of this. You fully know who you are, your talents and gifts and why you here and continue to move through your personal process to allow yourself to work on those aspects of the narcissistic me that hold you inthe old. Hold you in lack and limitation and struggling to survive life. Can you look at the old aspects of your life and ask, do they resonate for me any longer? Or can I move to that new doorway ready and knowing who I am, my talents and gifts and why I am here to open it and know that all you need to be is who who you are? Walk through that doorway with your tool bag in hand into the unknown and all you need is you, knowing who you are and loving, honoring and valuing you so you can give and receive love in balance. Then move out and create the new world of harmony, equality and community and the new soul family. And take responsibility for you in creating all of this. As you have moved through these lectures to take responsibility for you, where are you, who are you, what are your talents and gifts and why are you here, do you know this?

You are now at a new doorway and on the other side of it is a clearing. It is the next step to the next phase of your life. Your life on the road to serving the world and to the intersection where you are fully being who you are and living in the depth and breadth of your heart knowing who you are and why you are here. You have come to the conclusion. The conclusion not of these lessons, teachings and exercises but a conclusion to this part of your old life. You are at the doorway, do you now choose to make the next decision to release the old so you can open the door? You have all moved to a doorway of opportunity and that opportunity is opening that door and walking thought it. Are you ready to take the next step into the unknown to raise the level of resonance and vibration of the world with you? Now that you have moved through these lessons and exercises to come to this place and have raised the level of resonance and vibration in you, Dear Ones, you have grown up and ready to make choices as adults.


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