Teachings of Michael
2012 Outlook
January 4 2012
Channeled and Scribed by Jeff Fasano

From the Archangelic realm of Michael this is Michael and We come to you as you move deeper within the depth and breadth of your heart. You are ready to bring the essence of your heart to the world. You have moved from your year of 2011 to 2012, the year of fruition. You have prepared inordinately and your preparation period has come to and end. You have prepared for this very moment in time to embark into the new life and creating the brand new life and the brand new world of community, harmony and equality. Your year of 2012 is a year where all that you prepared for by building your foundation will come to fruition, the world is now ready, the universe is now ready. Energies are synching together and your energies are synching together to bring out to the masses in the big picture of life your endeavors collectively and individually.

The endeavor you have created is simply your foundation. It is about self- expression and each of you has an individual way of expressing yourself. You will now individually walk out from your foundation into the world bringing to it the expression of who you and your mission through the use of your unique talents and gifts.

We spoke to you at the end of your year of 2011 about meaning, value and purpose. This is now coming together for you and you now know your meaning, value and purpose personally and for what you are bringing out to the world as an individual. You can see now how the masses are congregating for your message. This is what will be transpiring in your year of 2012.

You have moved through 2011 and prepared for what you are ready to embark upon in 2012. The preparation period is over. 2011 was a year for telling the world who you are and bringing who you are out into the world. 2012 is a year to bring all of what you prepared for in your endeavors and your individual mission to fruition out in the world. The universe, the world is now ready to receive you as you are now ready to receive from it.

2012 is a year of fruition where your endeavors, your message and your specific mission and purpose in this lifetime will be exposed in its essence to those who fully resonate with it.

In 2012 energy patterns will begin to shift on your earthly plain and throughout your universe. Vortexes of energy are being set up throughout your earthly plain and you will find that you will be called to these specific vortexes. The geographical places where these vortexes will be formed are places you will be resonating with in order to be in them to give your message to that specific region. It is time to pay attention to this if you so choose because many are realizing that their current geographical location may not resonate any longer. Many are realizing that they need to move to a specific geographical location in order to congregate with like-minded individuals in a certain vortex of energy that is being created. You will move into this vortex to be able to bring your message to this vortex for the individuals who resonate with the vortex. Then en masse you will bring it out to the world. In many ways you are finding a new geographical hub that you resonate with so you can settle into it then bring your message and the message of your endeavor to that location and then it can be transmitted out to the world en masse. The resonance of the individual will match the resonance of the vortex that is being set up at a specific geographical location. Many on your earthly plain will be moving from their current geographical locations to specific vortexes in order to find a home base for their specific message. Then utilize the resources in those locations based upon the resonance to broadcast and bring the messages from those locations.

This is all based on resonance and vibration. If it is in your divine plan you will move to these specific vortexes of energy that are being created throughout your earthly plain. It is a mass exodus from the old into the new and this will continue to take place in 2012. It is about finding your home base. This home base is based on the resonance of the vortex and your resonance, this will make the connection. Some of you are finding that your present geographical location may not be resonating for you and wondering why you are still there. Some are feeling an urge to move to a new location yet there is no fundamental or logical reason to do so other that you are feeling it in the depth of your heart. You know that in order for you to take the next step in your soul’s divine plan you must move to a new physical geographic location. And connect to like-minded individuals in that location along with connecting to the axis of the vortex.

You are now moving to connecting to the axis of a specific vortex. What will be transpiring in 2012 is a shift from an old geographical location to a new one for many. This is so those individuals can create the new and bring their messages to the world and connect with the axis at that specific vortex and with others who are being called to connect at the same location. And thus increase the intensity of your individual message and the message of your endeavor. All this culminates into the fruition of the individual divine plan, the mission and purpose and the divine plan of their endeavor.

The focus of 2012 is on bringing the individual mission and purpose out into the world. Combining the individual mission with like-minded individuals to create the new soul family that is based on a similar mission and purpose in this lifetime. This again is all based on your talents and gifts and your self-expression. Each unique individual has their own way to express themselves. This is why We asked you at the end of 2011 to personally look at meaning, value and purpose for your mission and purpose in this lifetime. 2011 was about building a strong foundation so the individual can move from it to express their uniqueness with their unique talents and gifts. Then connect with those like-minded individuals at a specific vortex on your earthly plain to gather there and bring the message out to the masses. This is what is coming to fruition in 2012.

2011 was a year of preparation, preparing and building the foundation to put it in place. 2012 is about expressing what you have built through the individual. Expressing it through the individual’s uniqueness and mission and talents and gifts and combining this with others to bring the focus of the mission of the foundation to the world. The individual is now moving from the foundation out into the world to others who are resonating and vibrating at a similar level. Their purpose and soul mission is also similar as is their unique expression of self. Then en masse bringing the messages individually and collectively out into the world.

2012 is the rise of the individual.

This rise of the individual as it relates to the We. The we is the foundation, the new soul family. In the We the rise of the unique individual is celebrated. The preparation period for each of you was the specific amount of time you dedicated to building a sense of self. You have now come to the end of that period to now move out into the world as the unique individual with a greater sense of self. You know the foundation has been built and you can now move out into the world and express that foundation to create a greater sense of We. This is all based upon the rise of the unique individual. As this uniqueness is celebrated and it is combined with the uniqueness of other individuals the resonance and vibration of the soul family will rise to a crescendo. All this transpires as you move from your foundation to the geographical location and the specific vortex you are being called to assemble at to create a greater sense of the we. This is based on your resonance and the resonance of those with whom you resonate with.

The foundation has been built. The preparatory period has come to and end. 2012 is the year of fruition. The year of the rise to greatness. The year of fully expressing to the world your mission and your purpose in this lifetime and the being of it. It is time to give the world what you are here to give through your talents and gifts and through your mission and purpose in this lifetime as long as you know what that is.

Your year of 2012 is here and it is time to seize the moment in time and release preparing and give to the world what you are here to give. It is time to stand in the powerfulness of your greatness and foundation. We asked you at the end of 2011 to look at the meaning, value and purpose of your endeavor and your foundation. We asked this so you can move out into the world individually and uniquely to express that foundation with your unique message that relates the message of the foundation and it is all celebrated. It is the rise of the individuated adult in 2012. No longer can the wounded little child guide you through life. The preparatory period has ended. It is time to release preparing and begin being your message through the impeccability and integrity of your word.

So We ask, are you ready? Are you ready to see the end of the preparatory period and know the preparation is over? It is time to take the task at hand and move out into the world as an individual and locate your unique vortex. And combine with others who are also gravitating to their vibrational vortex so together you can bring your message, your purpose, your mission out to the world that is based on your uniqueness and talents and gifts. Each of you has a unique way of expressing your foundation, your mission and purpose. Each of you connects multi-dimensionally in your own unique way. It is time to see that uniqueness and bring it out into the world.
Your year of 2012 is about fruition and choosing that fruition and seeing the uniqueness of your message and your gifts.


The move to new geographical locations

It is about the new vortexes of energy opening up in 2012. Individuals will be called to specific openings. These vortexes are not old. They are new vortexes of energy where new is created. In order for the new world of community, harmony and equality to be opened these vortexes must be opened and are opening. Based upon your mission and purpose each individual will be playing their part in opening these vortexes. Some may remain where they are. Some may be called and quite possibly will be called to move to a specific vortex of energy that corresponds to where their resonance and vibration has risen to in order to begin the next step in their divine plan. And that is to bring their message to the world. This will happen in that vortex of energy.

The New Vortexes

These new vortexes are being set up by The Inter-Galactic Federation They are pinpointing them and will be opened simultaneously through the Lemurian energy and the Atlantean energy moving symbiotically. These are vortexes where like-minded individuals will congregate with a similar message to bring those messages out to the world. Some of these vortexes are opened most are still be calibrated by the Atlantean and Lemurian energies, more specifically through the 3 ancient scrolls of Lemuria.

2 Ancient Scroll of Atlantis

In the future you will be connecting to two specific ancient scrolls of Atlantean energy. In these ancient scrolls is hidden ancient information that the powers that be in that civilization did not want you to know about. These scrolls are about releasing duality and joining with the Lemurian civilization. There are 2 ancient scrolls in the Atlantean civilization that Kings and Queens who were part of a ruling body that was thwarted in that civilization. This group came together and wrote how The Atlanteans and Lemurians can create a new world order known as community, harmony and equality.

2012 will be a year where these 2 Atlantean scrolls will be revealed to the world.

These scrolls are similar to The Emerald Tablets but different. The teachings in these scrolls will be revealed. They are an outline of a civilization where Lemurian energies (acceptance and compassion feminine) and Atlantean energies (assertive masculine) can cohabitate.

This ruling body in the Atlantean civilization diagrammed how the Lemurian civilization and the Atlantean civilization can cohabitate to create a world order of community, harmony and equality. The reason why this was created by this body in the Atlantean civilization because it was based upon the purity of that energy.
Creation occurs through the assertive energy. Before creation can occur one must accept with compassion who you are, and why you are here, knowing it and embodying it and loving honoring and valuing you. The creation can occur through the assertive energy. There has been a misuse of the assertive energy for many millenniums. 2012 is showing you the end of that. What will rise in 2012 are these 2 specific scrolls. They are a blueprint and an outline for the cohabitation of the Lemurian and Atlantean energies. Combining the masculine and feminine energies in the individual and seeing how the coexistence of all will take place.

The new vortexes of energies are predicated on these ancient teachings. The Inter Galactic Federation is now pin pointing these various vortexes that are opening simultaneously and need to be opened. They will be discovered by individuals and why 2012 is the fruition of the individual. The fruition of the integrated individual where duality no longer exists. The fruition of the individuated adult who is fully in charge of his or hers life and duality no longer exists. There is an ongoing movement in the personal process to release duality.

Around the third month of 2012 the revelation of these ancient scrolls will come.

You will then see a mass migration of people moving to various vortexes as these ancient scrolls are revealed. These specific teachings will come through various individuals who are ready to bring these teachings and there energy through multi-dimensional sources.
When these 2 specific ancient teachings are opened they will connect through multi-dimensional sources who will then transmit aspects of the teachings through various messengers or channels who will bring them into your world. This will be based upon their individuality and the vortex they will be moving to in order for them bring in that specific aspect of those teachings. The new vortexes are opening and those who are messengers and channels who are moving to these vortexes will be connecting with aspects of those ancient teachings to integrate them with other teachings to facilitate releasing duality and move into wholeness.

ANN moving to one of these vortexes

On your sacred journey’s to Mt Shasta you opened a vortex. The next step is to combine that with these new ancient teachings of the Atlantean energies. Moving into the teachings of the pure assertive energy. You have been relaying for the most part the teachings of the compassionate and accepting energies of Lemuria. It will be those who have a strong connection to the Atlantean civilization now coming to the fore because within them they have initiated the feminine energy to bring these teachings to the world. The next step will be to take the teachings of the Lemurian scrolls and combine them with the teachings of the Atlantean scrolls and the move to a specific vortex to do this. Because it is about freedom of choice and freedom of will it is important to know that if this transpires it will be more toward your latter part of 2012. Each of you in your own way has connected to the Lemurian energies. Some are connected to the Atlantean energies some are not. The next step in the process is to connect to these ancient scrolls of Atlantis to integrate that assertive energy within you so you can move possibly en masse to specific vortexes as a group to bring this out to the world. The first step in all of this is to do it individually.

These Atlantean scrolls come from an order of theologians who designed cohabitating with the Lemurians. At this time the majority of the Atlantean civilization was perpetuating duality look at Lemuria as the enemy. Many on your worldly plain are moving to create a new world of community harmony and equality. Doing this by moving from the narcissism of the me, looking at duality, at the old belief systems and attachments to the old world of form. This has been a minority movement that is shifting to a majority movement. As you have been a monority for the most part in this movement you are mirroring the order in Atlantis who were doing the same. As you can see how this can be done they too saw how it can be done. You will be connecting with various groups who as you do see how the new world of community harmony and equality can be created who are connecting to these scrolls and bringing those philosophies into the world as well.

Inter Galactic Federation

They are the overseer of this and various factions are working together simultaneously. The information from them at this time is about connecting to these scrolls and moving into your heart to do this. The mechanics of how to do this will come through various messengers for that information.

It is about being conscious and aware of the various messengers who will be bringing these teachings to the world. Each of you will be connecting through your heart to these teachings. They way in which these teachings will come to you approximately in the third month of 2012 is through the heart. These messages will come through those who are closely tied to the depth of their heart space. They are fully releasing the mental body and their attachments to the outer world of form. So We ask you to see where your attachments to the outer world of form still exists. See what concerns you have about your outer world of form and how that may still hold power over you. Those who will be connecting to these teachings will be those directly connected to their heart and are open vehicles for the transmissions in your third month of 2012.

Outlook personally

On a continuous basis it is important to cleanse and clear your physical body. Look at what you are ingesting into your physical body. If you are choosing to be messengers of the energies the cleanliness of your vessel is important. Seeing the cleanliness of your vessel, your environment, your relationships, so you can see the resonance and vibration that ties in with the specific vortexes you may be moving to. See where you are attached to the drama the glamour of your third dimension. See where you create drama and glamour. Does your nervous system still need the hit of drama? Are you looking at the essence of others? Are you remaining in relationship with the highest vibration of others? Are you creating drama and glamour? Are you creating aspects of relationships that may not exist? It is now time to see the pureness of where your life lies. Are you looking at others and what they are not, at what they are not doing and creating drama around that? Or are you moving into the depth of your heart and seeing your needs, stating them sand setting your boundaries? It is time to see where drama and glamour exists and see where you are creating it in your life. The more you create, the more impure your vessel will be. The more drama and glamour that resides in your life, and the extent of where your attachments still lie to the outer world of form the more your vessel will remain clogged. It is time if you so choose to look at all of this.

As you are ready to bring your message out to the world it is important to support the uniqueness of the individual. Trust that the foundation is securely in place. It is important to see the uniqueness of others and support and guide that uniqueness. The uniqueness of the individual is to be supported as 2012 is the year for that to rise so the masses will be enlightened and given the messages through the unique individual.

2012 is the fruition of the individual in full self expression through the foundation. The foundation is the expression of the individual and the individual is the expression of the foundation. The individual is moving out from the foundation to bring to the world the messages and energies that they are here to bring in their divine plan to fulfill their mission and purpose. 2012 is a year of the fruition of the foundation and the endeavor through the expression and rise of the individual. And both are symbiotic. As the individual rises the foundation will rise. As the individual rises and connects with those who are resonating at a similar if not the same level they will create a soul family outside of the foundation that will tie into the foundation. You have built the foundation, an aspect of the soul family. Those in the foundation are resonating at a similar level. Within you individually you are resonating at a level that you have created by moving through your personal process. Each of you now is vibrating at a different level that when you made the choice to create the foundation. Now you are ready to move out from that foundation to gather with those who resonate as you so the individual can rise and then create an extension of the foundation. Then create that soul family to move en masse out into the world. Each of you individually is ready to move out into the world en masse to extend the soul family as you are called to specific vortexes that resonate and vibrate with you individually that is in a symbiotic relationship with your soul’s purpose. And this is based upon your uniqueness.

What is your individual mission and purpose? What do you need? Are you ready for the individual to rise so you can connect with those outside of you who are ready for your message as you are ready for their message?

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