St Germain asks:  Is humanity ready to create a new world based upon love, equality, harmony and balance for all?

The Illuminati? How did that old conspiracy theory chestnut get in there? Because it’s no theory, says St Germain. The Illuminati (six powerful families) are very real. They are intelligent, clever and have been very effective in hiding their roles, power and influence—including their funding of all parties at war because war is the most[…]

St Germain tells us this global reset started in December 2012 when “the hour glass was flipped” and the old world of separation began to transmute into a new world of unity and oneness (equality). “The chaos is part of the creation process to heal the old.” In this process we are seeing the balancing[…]

Within a few short months the United States morphed from a thriving nation into one wracked by disease, economic pain and social unrest. St Germain urges us to see these developments within the context of our country’s spiritual mission, which is to bring peace, love, equality, harmony and balance to the world. “What you are[…]

Memorial Day was established so that we may honor those who died defending our democracy. The reality, St Germain says, is that war is the biggest generator of corporate profits on Earth. Most wars, he warns, are created by a small powerful group who often finance both sides and influence government leaders to feed the[…]

Mankind has turned Mother Earth into a giant production machine, consuming her natural resources, polluting her air, land and water and threatening irreversible, catastrophic damage to her climate—and to us. The pandemic has brought much of this destruction to an abrupt halt. “The virus is a great equalizer. It is teaching what affects one affects[…]

This question, which is being asked around the world, and most of the answers provided by spiritual leaders, assume that God is a being outside of ourselves. In this conversation, St Germain turns that idea on its head telling us WE are the creator creating all the time. But, he adds, to truly understand the[…]

In fall 2016 St Germain gave us teachings about tyrants because he warned we would need them. We discuss five of them here. See which, if any, reflect the current occupant of the White House. The good news, St Germain says, is our current experience is awakening a new collective consciousness with a new sense[…]

St Germain discusses pandemics and mass disease from the perspective of the higher realms, which teach that we do not and cannot die. At so-called death our spirits simply transition from a physical format to our eternal spiritual format. Within that context, he explains how pandemics offer a clearing and cleansing of the old–including how[…]

St German says the “birth canal is the gateway from the spiritual world to the earthly world;” yet, for millennia, men have subjugated women, which has been the cause of confrontation, violence and war in every civilization. The women of the world are saying, enough, and are rising up to end the imbalance. The democratic[…]

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