In fall 2016 St Germain gave us teachings about tyrants because he warned we would need them. We discuss five of them here. See which, if any, reflect the current occupant of the White House. The good news, St Germain says, is our current experience is awakening a new collective consciousness with a new sense[…]

St Germain discusses pandemics and mass disease from the perspective of the higher realms, which teach that we do not and cannot die. At so-called death our spirits simply transition from a physical format to our eternal spiritual format. Within that context, he explains how pandemics offer a clearing and cleansing of the old–including how[…]

St German says the “birth canal is the gateway from the spiritual world to the earthly world;” yet, for millennia, men have subjugated women, which has been the cause of confrontation, violence and war in every civilization. The women of the world are saying, enough, and are rising up to end the imbalance. The democratic[…]

St. Germain calls fear, doubt and ignorance the “monsters of mankind.” If we don’t learn to deal with fear, he says, we will stay trapped in our low-density experience. He tells us how we can escape.

St Germain says, no, but he cautions we must be willing to do the spiritual work. He reveals why most of us deteriorate with age, and we discuss some of the sources of spiritual wisdom that can help us move into a higher frequency of existence (sickness and aging are low frequency experiences.)

St Germain asks, what happens when mankind is hit with an international health crisis? “It unifies the consciousness of humanity and brings you all together in a unified field of consciousness. Your souls have created a virus in order to unify you.” Notice where the virus originated, China. And how the legitimacy of the ruling[…]

St Germain says Americans are being given a chance to rethink the Presidency to make sure our democracy is not turned into a “tyrannical regime.” He counsels it will take a “massive shift” in consciousness to shift power from the 1% which has plagued humanity for millennia. We are watching the spectacle of one of[…]

St Germain tells us, with the help of the higher realms, we have an opportunity in this new decade to “clear and cleanse” the earth of the dark energy that has controlled humanity for millennia. The depth, breadth and speed of that cleansing, however, depends on the consciousness we individually and collectively bring to our[…]

St Germain says the killing of Iran’s general was a “diversion to create a smoke screen” to distract our attention from the impeachment proceedings against President Trump.  But the larger issue, he says, is this act illustrates the need to reassess putting the vast powers of the presidency in the hands of one person. He[…]

People of color in America are far more likely than whites to be imprisoned, die in childbirth and live in poverty. Many say it’s the legacy of 250 years of slavery. Others claim it’s their own fault. St Germain observes that more people are enslaved world- wide than ever before. He discusses the origins of[…]

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