What Motivates Donald Trump And Why Do So Many Americans Support Him?

In last week’s session of Divine Discussions we had a conversation with the Council of Archangelic Realms (CAR) that started with a key lesson: the only relationship you are having is the one with yourself, and you can only love others to the degree your love yourself.

CAR represents the combined energies of the Archangelic realms of Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Uriel.

Phillip Collins, our channel, before the session had asked CAR, what is the self?

Answer: S = Soul

E = Evolving

L = Lovingly

F = Forever

So that is, basically, what we are all doing here on Earth and elsewhere in the Universe. We are lovingly evolving our souls forever.

Coming down to Earth, we were soon into a discussion about the U.S. presidential election, which has triggered so much stress and dismay amongstslide1 the citizenry. Here are excerpts from our conversation that seek to address the question in my title (framed within the context of mankind’s growth and ascension.)

“You are all players on the stage of your ascension process. You are choosing people to represent a collective. Right or wrong, left or right, Republican or Democrat. All of these are a clearing and cleansing process to get you to where you need to be.

“A fundamental learning tool of humanity has been to learn what is through what is not. What you are experiencing in your world is what is not in order to learn what is. When you get sick and tired of what is not—(lack of) equality, harmony and balance—you will choose to make another choice.

“How you feel about yourself, thus others, is taught. You are not born not loving yourself and others. You are not born disliking or not loving anyone else. You are born connected to All That Is because that is where you came from. You come from the frequency of Love and Light, and you incarnate into dense human matter. At that point you have a fully loving relationship with self. The only way that can be undermined is through being taught otherwise.

“Through the taught shaming, blaming and judging of self you do the same to others. Put in the context of your political arena, you have one divine soul who is a candidate for your president who is doing this constantly. Can you begin to see as you look at the resonance of this divine soul that this is how this individual feels about himself?

“That doesn’t mean you have to accept that if it creates a consequence that isn’t in line with your truth, needs and boundaries. But you can begin to understand it is a wounded child screaming out into the night. Pay attention to me. For God’s sake, pay attention to me. I will do anything and everything if you will just love me, like me, no matter how offensive or untruthful I am. I will do anything and say anything if you will simply pay attention to me because in my childhood I was in the shadow of dad and I was ignored, and I learned to feel not good enough. I learned to feel not worthy enough. And through those wounds I created a defense around me, a defense of narcissism, a defense of self confidence, a defense of arrogance which are all defenses hiding that which I truly do not feel about myself. Does this give you any insight as to what is taking place and why?”

I asked CAR if emotional wounding applies to many of Trump’s followers as well.

36740988“The reason this is happening is because the United States of America is an amalgamation, through your immigration policy over the last 200-300 years, of bringing every aspect of humanity into this country. As a result, what you are experiencing is the healing and the releasing of the wounds and defenses of all of those entities that have always been there. It may seem more extreme than it has ever been. It is not. There are more of you. But it is the result of the communication systems that have been gifted to you and the Internet through cyberspace which have been gifted you through the higher realms, especially the Archangelic Realm of Uriel.

“Remember, your nation is an amalgamation of all the wounded individuals who came from countries where they were persecuted for being women, for their religions, because of their sexual identity, because of what they believed. All of that didn’t go away when they reached the shore of your United States of America. What is coming up in that population is the healing of those individuals who carried that wound of not being good enough and worthy enough from generation to generation to generation for the two to three hundred earth years you have had in this divine mission.

“All of this is coming up and out in ugliness and hatred, sometimes love and acceptance, festering like an infected wound so that the wound and the infection can heal. It is like a volcano that is building and building and building with the magma until it explodes. And this one divine soul is expressing this separation and duality through the wounded relationship with self. He has given those individuals a voice, a voice where they thought they never could be heard, that they wouldn’t matter. So as they express their hatred, it is the hatred of self that is being revealed, and what they are really asking, what they are really screaming for–sometimes in a life threatening, self destructive manner– is love me.

“Dear ones, you came from love, you are lovable and you are loved. You cannot be anything else. All this thrashing about, this unlovingness that is being hurled out into your world at this moment is the Me to the We collective wound begging to be seen, begging to be released, begging to be cleansed and begging to be healed.

“Can you accept with compassion what is taking place, which will allow forgiveness? We ask if you can accept that truth at this time. And allow self to free the relationship with self and that is to master self. Master life mastery.

“This is how you chose your ascension process. Only through acceptance of choices you have made–not to judge and shame them–can you free yourself from that. Can you understand this, dear ones?

“You were born on this planet, in your familial situation, to learn how you need to learn through freedom of choice. Through ownership of choices you can become responsible. You are the creator creating your life. Stay steady in that. Can you see how through the relationship with self you have chosen to grow and expand? The universe is constantly growing and expanding, and so are you.“

How should we respond to the outcome of the election?

“One of the most important principles is having no expectation of results. Have a preference for the outcome of the election without demanding a result. Let go of results. Holding on to the result creates the resistance. What you resist persists. Can you begin to see that energetic relationship? Have a preference that serves your highest good and release that to the law of manifestation and the void. And allow that to be in Divine Order. When it (the result) comes, begin to release the resistance to the outcome and begin to see if there is an order or process that can be revealed to you as to why that which is taking place is taking place.”




The Presidential election campaign in the United States in this year of 2016 has a lot of people here and around the world confused and scared.

This is especially true of many of us in the spiritual community who have been told by the highest spiritual realms that we have entered a new spiritual era in which mankind will come together in brotherhood to recognize at last that we are all one. These realms also have said it is the destiny and mission of the United States to lead the world to this unity.


Yet, we are witnessing in the United States the most divisive presidential election within memory, perhaps in our nation’s history. One of the presidential candidates, Donald Trump, fearlessly and repeatedly appeals to national, religious and racial bigotry and makes not so veiled threats of violence against his opponents. Shockingly, half the U.S. population appears to be supporting him. Students of history can see the parallels between Trump and past villains of history, including Adolph Hitler, and the ruin they inevitably brought to their nation and people.

How can this be happening in this land founded, (divine inspired we are told) to foster freedom and equality? How does this mesh with spiritual teachings of the coming enlightenment of mankind?

We at the Angel News Network regularly receive messages of wisdom from the higher spiritual realms including the Archangelic and Ascendant Mastery which we post on our website and in social media. All the spiritual wisdom is consistent with the comments I am posting here made recently by Archangel Uriel channeled through Phillip Collins:

    • Your emotions and thoughts create your reality. It is time to free yourself from this form of creation. FORGIVING SELF AND OTHERS IS THE NEXT STEP FOR HUMANITY CREATING A HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS FREQUENCY. This gives you the opportunity to set positive energy into motion for yourself rather than reacting to someone else’s emotion.


    • HOW CAN YOU CREATE EQUALITY, HARMONY AND BALANCE WITH THOSE WHO WOULD DO YOU HARM AT ANY GIVEN OPPORTUNITY? You all have the same needs: to love and be loved. It begins with compassion. By learning about others you can understand what they feel, need and their belief systems and what guides and motivates them. Without love you fall back into separation, duality and often confrontation. Lack of love (fear) never overcomes love.


    • Humanity is divided between those creating duality and those creating unity. One is moving forward through love, and the other is vacillating through fear. They are aspects of the same oneness. All of life is about integrating it all rather than judging and taking sides.


    • It looks like things are moving backward. That is not the case. There is always a breakdown before the break through. This is the era of evolving into equality, harmony and balance. There is more harmony on Earth than ever before.


    • You cannot solve a problem with the same negative energy that created it. Build a parallel path by stepping out of your negative emotion and start creating a higher frequency of love (which carries more light.)


    • That is why The Christ Consciousness energies have been teaching love thy enemies for eons. Expand that into LOVE ANYONE DIFFERENT FROM YOU FOR THEY ARE A DIVERSIFIED VERSION OF YOU AND CREATION. You are all each other in disguise. IT IS THE LACK OF LOVE THAT IS KEEPING HUMANITY WHERE IT IS.


    • You are all players on the stage of life on this planet learning to love. This is why you have decided to come here. Before you decided to return to this planet you were collaborating with the very beings you are in conflict with now. You were agreeing to the Earth dance you would do to learn what you needed to learn.


  • When enough of you wake up to create critical mass, the old paradigm will be instantly replaced with a new one based on creating equality, harmony and balance.

So, folks, according to Archangel Uriel, before we came here we were all collaborating with the people we are in conflict with (as Mr. Shakespeare once told us) in this drama called life to learn what we needed to learn. Perhaps this Act can be called a Clearing and Cleansing, as we have been told we are experiencing. Meanwhile, we might consider what this messy campaign drama has to teach us. Love (including thy enemy), perhaps?

Next week I’ll share what the Cosmic Keepers of Creation (another divine realm) has to say about the U.S. Presidential Election 2016 and what it will NOT do to our United States of America.




In my last blog I discussed how the Archangelic and Ascendant Master Realms have been telling us for years that the United States would lead the world into a new era of peace and unity in which mankind would come to understand that we are all one.

Yet, in this year’s Presidential campaign, the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, has made repeated appeals to national, religious and racial bigotry and has baited his most ardent supporters with veiled hints of violence towards his opponents. The Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, is distrusted by American voters almost as much as Mr. Trump, though she has vastly more government experience and repeatedly proclaims, “We are stronger together.”

Can either candidate lead America to achieve its spiritual destiny? Recently, I posed the question of America’s spiritual destiny to the Cosmic Keepers of Creation, a spiritual realm charged with the mission of helping mankind ascend into a higher realm of consciousness. These comments were made during Divine Discussions, a program sponsored by The Angel News Network and conducted bimonthly at the Center for Spiritual Living in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The channel was Phillip Collins. Here is their response:


“The ascendant master realms in combination with all the other spiritual realms hereby declare to you at this time and forever more that the United States of America has been divinely created and will lead this world and planet into a new paradigm, a new world order of equality, harmony and balance.

“For those of you who resonate and discern with this message, this truth, we ask you to hold it in intention, an energetic intention, no matter how things appear in the outside world. Dear ones, this is where your surrender and trust comes in. The ascended mastership are working constantly to maintain and sustain and have been for some 70, 000 years the intention of these United States leading the world with a new order. This will take place, dear ones.

“What you are experiencing now is the clearing and the cleansing of the wounded little boys and wounded little girls who think they are in control of what they did not create, who are in what you call ‘ leadership capacities’ who are thrashing about as wounded children saying to the world, love me, like me, pay attention to me. I will do, I will say anything through the media you have at this time.

humanity“You have been gifted with cyberspace from the higher realms, particularly by the higher realm of Archangel Uriel, to escape this so as not to allow yourselves to be imprisoned by untruth and to share what you know as truth with one another. For many, many millennia, dear ones, the intention of creating a new world order through what you call North America as a residue of the Lemurian and Atlantean energies has been seeded within this continent. That is in the process of being activated as we speak, and you are seeing some dramatic birthing pains of acting out.

“But we ask you, dear ones, through all the chaos, chaos leading to creation, to see the thrashing about, the drama, as the birthing pains of a new reality. There is a brand new world order ahead of you. And we of the higher realms promise you this: it can be no other way.

“There will be nothing and no one on this planet that will interfere with the destiny of this particular planet, called the lover-versity of creation, to be a symbol of the mastering of the construct of love and mirroring that out to all of creation. That is the reason this planet was seeded by twelve different star systems and many other higher realms forces that most of you are completely unaware of.

“Follow your resonance, dear ones. Follow your discernment. A great new dawn is ahead of you. It doesn’t matter how things appear outside of you. That birthing, that embryo within you, will birth from the inside out, not the outside in.”


As you can see, the Cosmic Keepers of Creation are answering YES to the question posed by my title. My guess, however, is, but not with a President Donald Trump.

Joel Anastasi,

Co-Founder, The Angel News Network

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