Happiness Handbook

By Phillip Elton Collins

Being Present is The Present

There is an eternal force within each of us called presence, a gift from the gods that can ensure our happiness. Much of our unhappiness is the result of not fully knowing who we are or why we are here. Understanding our purpose in being here and expressing this creates great happiness.

Presence is a “frequency of consciousness” that knows all about us and has always been with us. It knows exactly what we need in order to be happy. But it’s up to us to choose it or not. What do you choose at present? To be happy, or not? While happiness may be stimulated from the outside, it is really a natural process, which moves from the inside out, that cannot be learned or taught. But the fulfillment of happiness can be activated, and that is the purpose of this book!

This handbook is filled with hundreds of phrases from our presence and instructions on how to use them. Each phrase contains a “download” of wisdom and tools in order to support you becoming happy or happier. The phrases can be randomly, individually, or collectively applied. Follow your resonance and discernment to determine which ones to apply. Open this handbook at any present moment, and see what your Presence has to say to you.

These phrases are a marriage and mingling of what I have received from my five years of metaphysical training and fifteen years of clinical experience as a Light Ascension Therapist. These exact words do not exist anywhere else, but the teachings within them have always been with us and are being taught by many others.

My background is somewhat diversified, considering that I am light-ascension certified and ordained in New York City, cofounder of The Angel News Network, and cofounder of The Angel News Network as a teacher, author, poet, and filmmaker, addressing the integration of the emotional, mental, and physical bodies. My journey also includes being the director of marketing for George Lucas’s Industrial Light & Magic Commercials and the founder of Fairbanks Films International with film directors Ridley and Tony Scott, and possessing extensive corporate advertising experience at Young & Rubicam in New York.

Coming Home to Lemuria: An Ascension Adventure Story is my earliest book, which has been adapted into a stage play and will soon be a screenplay. Sacred Poetry & Mystical Messages to Change your Life and the World contains 116 original poems and 20 Inner Earth messages and serves as a blueprint for moving into our next golden age. Manpower Godpower is a volume of teachings received from higher realms to assist us in moving into a higher frequency of existence.

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