Higher Realm Messages
Ascending Ascension

From Archangel Uriel, World Teacher and Guardian

Dear Beloved Light Beings on Earth,

When you look up into your night sky and you see celestial bodies radiating light, not reflecting light, know that each one of them went through an ascension process very much like what you are going through now. You are born from the light and you return to the light, dear ones. Each planet returning to being a star (body of light) has its own unique soul plan, just like you. The planet phase is the way the process of ascension can take place; the destination is the light. There is no other way to be; this is creation in action. What happens in between light to light is your sacred journey of returning to your divinity, being in service to ALL THERE IS. Once you return to the light, you can decide what you create from the light again; it is endless and limitless. This is the way the universe keeps eternally growing andexpanding.

Each planet, solar system, galaxy, and universe is born and expands this way. There are different frequencies of intention for each of these. Your purpose and intention is to learn to master love, since love is the foundation of all creation. Everything else is the absence of love. You have experienced a lot of nonlove to now know love. You are learning “what is” through “what is not.” This is not the easiest path to wisdom, but the one you chose, the contract to which you agreed. That contract is coming to maturation and expiration, dear ones.

It is time for you to know how to become multidimensional, and connect and even travel within higher realms of this solar system, galaxy, and beyond. It is time to bridge the separation between dense matterand light. As your planet aspires to become a star, as you the light being who will inhabit the star, all questions will be answered; you will know your divine nature and your Oneness with ALL THERE IS. Once you gain this connection, there will be no desire or need to be physical, have things, and work for money; abundance will be your eternity. Your pursuits will be of a higher nature in service to the forces of Creation. You have been preparing for this ever since you came to this planet from other worlds.

You did not evolve here; you are an essential part of this ascension process on this particular planet and in this solar system and galaxy.

Let us further discuss your divine light nature and begin to experience the Oneness of ALL THERE IS. Take a deep breath, dear ones; connect with your heart space that already knows all of which we speak, and allow your heart to speak to you now.

This is your heart speaking directly to you; listen and learn:
· All you have agreed to experience has been a pathway awakening your consciousness to knowing you were created by love and are love.
· When your Earth journey is complete, your star journey begins, as a being of light.
· Once you are a star being (again), your service to ALL THERE IS really begins, as your world service ends.
· Your eternal soul to spirit being will guide you back to your true home.
· All time and distance will end, and your new life will have no beginning or end.
· Elements of light are your nutrients now powering you homeward.
· Ancient memories and wisdom are coming into your consciousness, along with how to apply them.
· You are experiencing Oneness/We Consciousness. You have never felt such belonging.
· Emotions and thoughts seem not to matter now; the vibrations of the celestial spheres are replacing them.
· Language that you have known will not be necessary as you telepathically know and communicate with all.
· Connecting to ALL THERE IS transitions into the infinite now.
· Bliss, peace, and joy are your primary experiences.
· Sound and color speak to you softly and lead you forward beyond the beyond.
· Cosmic unconditional love warms your beingness.
· You are formless, eternal light.
· You know your God Power, which always was, is ever present now.
· Eternity celebrates your presence, and you know why you experience all that has preceded this moment.
· Like never before, you know who you are and why you are here.
· Oneness becomes all that matters, in the absence of matter, offering limitless expansion.
· Your state of being has merged with ALL THERE IS.
· The timelessness and physical nonbeingness powers you further into limitless potential.
· Your human self has found its true ownership, a divine temple of ever-present ALL THERE IS.
· Your consciousness/awareness has become truly divine as it morphs further into your star beingness.
· The light is your pathway, surrounded by divine direction.
· Your total being expands before you.
· Your heart has known all this throughout every life you ever had.

Now you know why so many of you signed on to the ascension train: an amazing journey not to be missed or repeated again.

Codes Of Angelic Access

From the Council of Archangelic Realms (CAR)

Dear Beloved Humans of whom we are in service,

In order to further access and assimilate the many teachings of the various angelic realms in service to humanity, we would like to present the Codes of Angelic Access:

· Being balanced within your emotional, mental, and physical bodies is always essential when you are attempting to access something new and true. Any imbalances prevent your ability to integrate wisdom (not knowledge). Endeavors such as the Angel News Network have directly received from us multiple angelic teachings to assist you in your personal and planetary processes. (A library of books, archives of video/audio channelings, the Life Mastery program, oaths of the light worker/way shower, five agreements, six sacred messages, etc.)
· Being open to the truth that there is something vaster and wiser than the human mind. The human mind just may be a “receiver,” not an originator of information in your advancement as a species.
· Knowing that you are love and lovable, and capable of receiving and giving love equally.
· Stand strong within your truth, needs, and boundaries as divine spiritual beings having this human experience. Know that there are higher realms here to support and love you.
· There really isn’t a “right” and a “wrong”; these often change and can produce duality and separation. Use your resonance and discernment (your internal gyro system) to determine what works for you.
· Beliefs come from the mind and change all the time; wisdom (accumulated knowledge) comes from the knowing heart. Learn to “think” with your heart as you create a new paradigm of oneness. Allow your useful mind to return in service to your heart.
· The altered ego housed in your mental body is often the home of your self-sabotage. Thank the ego for sharing, but tell it to shut up. Your ego wishes you to stay within your comfort zones of the familiar. Your emotions, not in agreement with your mental body, just may be saying, “Fly.”
· All of you are here for a unique reason (soul plan), knowing the universe would be incomplete without each of you. You are here to access your soul plan and purpose in learning to love. Your individuated gifts and talents are present to serve the world’s soul plan and shift things into a higher frequency of reality.
· The process of raising your awareness/consciousness is not a straight line forward; be accepting, compassionate, and forgiving for whatever your process is. Try not to compare it to anyone else’s.
· Allow joy and bliss to be your indicators of being on your true path. Grace and ease are good signs of being true to your purpose in being here. You are not here to suffer or to be punished; these are distortions of the human mind’s need to control.
· You are stewards of your planet, all things within and upon it, self, and one another. Know that all are conscious living beings who have an equal right to be here. You are all dependent upon one another for survival. It is insane not to realize this now.
· Your children contain the original truth of your being that has been taught away. Many children now are fully equipped to assist in the creation of the next golden age on your planet. Nurture them; do not drug or abuse them; attempt to learn from them and reawaken your original self, allowing direct access to us.
· Children know how to play and be joyful. These are important tools of creation. Allow the children to remind you how to play.
· Attempt not to blame, shame, or judge yourself, which facilitates doing these to others. You are all in the same process. You all chose to be here now to experience the most wonderful ascension process of your species and planet. Be compassionate, accepting, and forgiving to yourself and others, knowing you are all one. You are all here to love and support one another.
· Become aware of the perfection of nature and the cycle of creation on your planet. These cycles are the tools you need to learn (not control) to survive. You did not create the planet nor do you own it. You are here to better understand the perfection of your planet and learn how to care for it, thus one another.

Together, we of the angelic realms with humanity can create a new world paradigm of We Consciousness/Oneness. Call upon us regularly; we are here to love and support you


Universal Laws of Self

Inspired by Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, and Uriel

Greetings, Beloved Humans, being the best you can be,

We come to you once again with a message and teaching of love and support for the journey you have chosen to be human on this planet Earth; a planet that has been “seeded” by twelve different star systems in order to create a diversity of a LOVER-VERSITY like no other in the universe. For you are simply here to learn how to love self, first and foremost, in order to love one another and create the world of Oneness you are destined to create. The twelve Universal Laws we are now to share once again are to honor and support your highest good and a way to free yourselves from yourselves, if you so choose.

The basis of all your duality, separation, and often confrontation is the result of your relationship with yourself. You have heard many times the only relationship you are having is the one with yourself. The taught shame of self is the reason for every emotional, mental, and physical imbalance (dis-ease). Let you now reprogram yourselves and create a new reality through a loving relationship with self, by better understanding what has caused your lack of self-love, and how to move through the lack to love.

While each of the following twelve laws represent gifts from the various worlds that help create and maintain and sustain you, each law builds upon the other, no matter what order they are in. Are you ready to create a new, loving you?

Can you accept with compassion, thus forgive, all the ways you have chosen to learn what you came here to learn? Taking ownership of your choices is vital. It is time to release all shaming, blaming, and judgment of self that allows that of others. You cannot shame, blame, nor judge another without first doing the same to yourself. Rather than focusing on what is not in your life, focus on what is. Make a list of your assets and liabilities, and see what you would like to maintain and sustain in your life.

Two of the most important phrases ever created are KNOW THYSELF and TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE. It is essential to know WHO YOU ARE and WHY YOU ARE HERE. What is your purpose in being here? What are your talents and gifts you uniquely wish to bring into world service? Create a divine soul plan for yourself. You can begin by listing your qualities, talents, and abilities. The Angel News Network has many teachings to assist you in better knowing yourself. Once you firmly know who you are and why you are here, you canbuild the what, where, when, and how of your life.

A basis for many human lacks is not feeling good enough or worthy enough to embrace all the abundance of life. You are not born feeling not good enough or worthy enough. People who profess to love you but do not fully love themselves teach you this. As a result, you create self-imposed limitations and lacks that you can now release by becoming conscious of them. List where you feel deprived and make another choice to receive.

Your self-esteem is your view of and feeling about yourself. How do you see yourself right now? Stand in front of a mirror unclothed and see what feelings and judgment come up about yourself. From whence did this chatter come? It came from your sabotaging mental body that was taught by others. This is not the truth. You are a divine being having a human experience just the way you have chosen. It is time, if you so choose, to see your goodness. Look in that mirror and praise yourself; begin a “good book,” listing all the little and not-so-little good things you do for yourself and others each day.

Self-confidence is the wisdom of knowing you are capable of being and doing what is important to you. You all have moments of not being sure about this. Surrender to not always knowing and allow the probabilities and possibilities of not knowing to flow through. Self-confidence is not to be confused with arrogance, which is a defense for a lack of self-confidence. Begin writing down your accomplishments; you’ll be surprised and delighted with how confident you are. Remember, you are Creation/God/Source expressing itself.

People who have self-respect are able to speak their truth, express their needs, and set their boundaries (with no intention of harm), and allow others to do the same. Do you know your truth, needs, and boundaries? Many do not know their truth, or accept and know their needs, thus do not set any boundaries and become consumed by others through their lack of self-respect. The Angel News Network has many tools to assist you in knowing your truth, needs, and boundaries. If not now, when will you stand in your truth, needs, and boundaries with no intention to harm? Knowing how othersrespond or react is their process, not your concern.

Self-service means you are able to take care of your truth, needs, and boundaries by prioritizing them. At the beginning and end of each day, review what was incomplete and needs to take place the next day. Ask yourself, what do I not like to do that would serve me if these things were done?

Self-discipline is the ability to routinely practice your talents, abilities, and qualities of self, which creates and supports your self-empowerment. This may require you to move out of your comfort zones of habits and patterns that may be limiting and to support the ones that create growth and expansion.

The components of forgiveness are acceptance and compassion. Can you accept with compassion, thus forgive, the ways you have chosen to learn what you need to learn in being human? Through your ownership and forgiveness you move from victimhood to self-empowerment. This will set you free from the “me.”

Through your resonance (internal gyro system) and discernment you can look at your limitations without shaming, blaming, or judging them. You can look at what you want and need, and see what stands in the way of that and ways to improve yourself. All mistakes are simply a way to learn, not to punish you. Every problem is the other side of the solution. All this is an essential part of the choice you made to be human and experience this frequency.

The purpose of life is growth and expansion; this includes you, your planet, solar system, galaxy, universe, and multiverse. It’s not a matter of being better than someone else; it’s being who you came here to be, letting go of being special in order to embrace the ordinariness of being fully human, which is divine.

Once you remember and know your are God/Creation/Source experiencing itself, you can embrace the reality that you have fragments within your soul plan that ensure your self-reliance through your talents and gifts. You do not have to be dependent on anyone else for the reality of who you are. Are you ready to receive this? If not, there are many endeavors here to support you in this truth. This is one of many!

To reiterate, this is one of many endeavors/teachings to allow you to know and embrace the truth of who you are and why you are here. You are never alone. You are loved and supported by forces beyond your comprehension that will love you unconditionally until you do yourself.


Using Discernment and Resonance within our Spiritual Growth

Channeled By Phillip Collins

Many of us are aware that our planet and species are experiencing a shift like never before in our recorded history. Actually, shifts like we are experiencing have happened before in past golden ages. Now the old paradigm of our governments, religions, corporations, educational and medical institutions (which control us) are once again not meeting the needs of the people. We are waking to this reality and are preparing to create a new reality of equality, harmony, and balance. This will be accomplished through the activation of our soul plans.

Many of the tools and teachings to effect change are coming from higher realms, not the human mind. This is a challenge for some, but not for many others. The truth is that these higher forces have been helping move humanity for eons toward a divine destination of unity and oneness. Are we ready to accept that forces outside ourselves can and will assist us in creating a world that reflects a “universal wisdom” and allows us to move into an evolved reality? Through our discernment and resonance (how we think and feel about something, an internal gyro system) we can employ this higher support or not. There are many human teachers and messengers receiving guidance from higher realms and bringing it to us. How do you know what is true and who to trust? Let’s create some guidelines that can help us.

BEING THE MESSAGE: Notice if the ones bringing higher truths to us appears to have a private and public persona that are not the same. There are those teaching one thing and being another. This deceit will no longer work in our world of fast cyber communication and transportation. Are they trying to sell you something, a remedy or workshop, at an inflated price that reflects their wounded ego?

BEING IN A PERSONAL PROCESS: It is essential that we be involved in a deep examination of the self through a process that supports our highest good. We can do this alone or with others. There are many metaphysical therapists trained to support this process. Use your discernment and resonance to find the one that feels right for you. Our personal growth is a process of inside out, not outside in. If someone tells you otherwise, use your discernment. If someone is attempting to fix you from the outside in—“take this, do that”—beware. Apply what resonates on your own.

YOUR DIVINE BIRTHRIGHT: Know in your heart that whatever is happening within you and the world is a divine process unfolding. No one else is “making” anything happen except you, being supported by higher realms (whatever you choose to call them). Our ability to grow and expand is a natural part of who we are. Awakening/remembering your divinity (not necessarily associated with any religion) is key. You are divinity expressing itself each and every moment. Look at the world around you; “we the people” are demanding our divinity and equality.

SPIRITUALITY IN THE WAY: Let us be careful that “thinking” we are spiritual is special or makes us better than anyone else. As in many human matters, spirituality can be used to say one is special and knows the true path to enlightenment. There are many paths to the same destination. We are all going to get “there”; it’s just a matter of when and how we choose to learn. It’s your divine right to be or to do so. Each one of us is on a unique place on our path. Accept this with compassion for self and others.

IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE: We are all on this planet, a “LOVER-VERSITY,” to learn to love self, which allows love of others. If we so choose, we can create communities of equality, harmony, and balance that support a universal cosmic love. And if we choose, we can and will create a new golden age of Oneness. What do you choose?

Allow these wisdoms within each of us to activate our soul plans.


Gathering with Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael
2014 -2015
The Transition
Moving from the Darkness to the Light

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael. We come to you now as you move into the transition from your year of 2014 into 2015, beginning the transition from the old to the new. 2014 was a year where you moved through a succession of doorways that lead you into 2015. 2014 was about moving from the old to the new as is every moment in your life, moving from death to re-birth, continually moving into a re-birth of life.

2014 was a year of moving through these successions of doorways, closing doorways behind you and allowing the new doorway to open so you can move into the unknown. Moving into a new level of your human existence, your spiritual existence, your emotional existence, your physical existence and mental existence. It was about taking a step up the ladder in your life.

So We ask you to recapitulate and look at what has transpired in your life in 2014. How many rungs have you stepped up on the ladder in 2014?
What new doors have opened for you and where have you grown?

Your year of 2014 was a year of growth, a year of great expansion within the self. What have you learned about you?
What new doorways have you opened not only outside of you but inside of you? What levels have you taken your consciousness to?
What levels have you raised your ascension to?
Look at where you have raised yourself so you can live your full greatness.

Have you stepped into aspects of your greatness?
Have you stepped into a greater knowing of who you are?
Have you raised your level of sense of self?
Have you raised your level of resonance and vibration to where you are stepping out into the world, the unknown, utilizing your tools?


Are you still mired in the old?
The old habits patterns and rituals?
The old conditioning?

Have you become aware of the old habits, patterns and rituals?
Have you become aware of your conditioning? Where you might not have been aware of this before?
What have you become aware of ?

In your year of 2014 where have you grown?
Are you expressing yourself?
Are you speaking your truth to others?
Are you stating your needs to others?
Are you setting boundaries with others?

In your year of 2014 into 2015 you are moving from the shadow into the light.

2015 is a year of fruition, a year of standing in the light and allowing your light to shine on the world. A year of living up to your full potential.

Are you living up to your full potential in your life?
Have you noticed what that potential is?
What raises your resonance and vibration?

Look at your year of 2014 and see what has transpired for you.
As you now begin the transition period into 2015 in order to take that next step thought the new doorway,it is important to know exactly where you are and you have accepted this.

In order to make a transition in your life to the next step, the next level, next doorway it is always important to know exactly where you are. And be in that place with acceptance and compassion. Then you can move to the next step, the next doorway.

So as you move from the shadow to the light, grand doorways will be opening for you in 2015. This is based upon your level of consciousness and awareness of yourself. It always comes back to you and where you are. Bring yourself back to you to reminisce, recollect and recapitulate what has transpired in your year of 2014.

Have you walked through new doorways?
Have you tested yourself?
Have you walked to the brink, to the edge?
Or is there still some trepidation about stepping off that edge into the unknown?

Do you still desire to remain in control of everything and needing to know the outcome? Needing to continually be prepared. Having to prepare yourself so when you do step through the new doorway into the unknown, your mental body through the old conditioning thinks it’s in control of what is on the other side of that doorway.


Are you beginning to navigate life through the beam of light in the depth and breadth of your heart space in the knowingness of you?

It is through the knowingness of you, the knowingness of what you want and allowing yourself to be where you are. It is then you will be able to take the next step through the next doorway as the doors open to your year of 2015, a year where the light will shine onto you if you are ready.

It is always about you being ready.
What are you ready for?



1-Helping, supporting and guiding others.

It is all about communication. Releasing trying to tell someone something to fix them. Release always having the solution that will fix them.

It is about moving from your mental body of explaining into your heart space and begin to nurture another where they are. You can simply do this by asking, What do you need?

Many on your earthly plain, including many of those who are following the path as way showers and light workers move on that pathway in their mental body. When others come to them for guidance and support, through their conditioning and knowledge and based upon their defense pattern, look to fix the problem with words and knowledge. “Here is what I know. Do thisand you will fix the situation.”This is all well and good but doing this is making it about you.

It is now time as you walk on the pathway as light workers and way showers to open up your heart when another comes to you. Open it to them.

As each and everyone of you say it is your intention to move to a greater depth of intimacy with yourself and others, open you heart. Open your heart when another comes to you. Your first impetus based upon your wounded self is to try to fix another and give the solution to them. This in many ways holds the barrier in place between you and another. It is your wounded self keeping a distance from another. As opposed to connecting with another’s heart with empathy. Take yourself out of it and begin with a nurturing response to another. What do You Need?

Allow the connection from heart space to heart space to grow in that moment. What do you need? What do you need right now?

It is time, if in fact it is greater intimacy you are looking for with others, be there in your heart. Release trying to fix andtrying to solve with a solution, at least the impetusto try doing this first. If you are doing this, open you heart to yourself.

You can now begin by opening your heart and allowing others to enter that space. Release the blockages, open your heart with empathy and simply say, I invite you now to tell me what you need.

2-Moving from your mental body into your heart

Are you constantly in the mental body, thinking?
Ask what am I thinking about and write down your thoughts.
After doing this move into your heart and look at this list.

Look what you are thinking about and what constantly perpetuates in your mental body.
Begin to see how these thoughts are relevant to where you are in your life.

What frightens you to move into your heart to move into the nothingness of the heart where everything exists at once?

When asked, What are you feeling? Do you move into your mental body to try to explain your feelings? Are you trying to figure out what you are feeling.Thus trying to control them. This results in you avoiding those feelings.

When asking for guidance and support allow that to integrate in the full beingness of you. As opposed to allowing the concepts to remain in your mental body.
You understand the concepts but it is about integrating the concepts and being the concepts.

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