Message Three, Releasing Duality, Isolation and Separation

The Christ light shines down upon you and envelops you brethren. We are Jeshua. From the mount We come to you. It is time to rest safely and securely in the feminine energy and open your receptiveness to life and to others. It is time to open your heart to the configurations of the higher geometrics that have been downloaded into you. Through the transmission of the first two messages, your receptivity to the reality about you in the third dimensional realm has been transfigured in the depth of your heart. Open now to the feminine receptive energy through compassion and acceptance to those around you.As you continue to look outside of you in your third dimensional realm and your relationship to that realm and with other wonderful and glorious souls, it is time to accept with compassion those outside of you and what is taking place in the world outside of you. Receive it in order to take the next step up the mountain to the mount. It is important to release the remnants of duality, isolation and separation.

We will speak to you now about releasing duality and isolation and separation. We ask you now to move into meditation each night before you retire to the sleep state. Move into the depth of your heart and the envelopment of the feminine receptive energy. Look at the world outside of you and ask, can I receive with compassion and acceptance what is going on in my third dimensional world?

It is most important to know that each of you is now having a very different third dimensional experience. You are experiencing it in your own way. In many cases that experience overlaps. Yet, based upon your individuality, who you are, your talents and gifts and how you are utilizing them, you are having a completely different experience from one another. So at the end of your day, recapitulate that day. Look at your day and what has transpired in the third dimensional realm and ask, can I receive with compassion and acceptance what has transpired? Note your responses to this.

If you feel that you are in opposition to what has transpired or your reaction is to isolate and separate from it, take note of that. The only way you can continue up to the mount is by fully accepting where you are in your third dimension.

Are you still opposing what is outside of you and using the notion of “spirituality” to separate and isolate yourself from what is transpiring in the third dimensional realm, thus creating and perpetuating duality? Or can you now see what is transpiring outside and what is transpiring in relationships you are having with others and begin to accept it? Most importantly feel your feelings. Your feelings in relation to what is transpiring outside of you will be the indication as to whether it resonates or doesn’t resonate. It is most important that you see this difference.

If in fact you see, feel or hear something that is transpiring outside of you, initially it will bring up feelings. You will have a feeling about what you are encountering in the third dimensional realm. Then you have a choice, either to oppose it or accept it for what it is. Your third dimensional realm is where it is.

Will you lend energy to it to maintain and sustain it, thus maintaining and sustaining your attachments to it? Or can you now have your feelings which are simply an indication as to what resonates or doesn’t for you in your third dimension? Then in seeing this, make a choice as an individuated adult. I am seeing this outside of me. What am I feeling? I am feeling angry about it, or I am feeling happy about it. Does this resonate for me? Your answer may be yes or no. I am seeing what is transpiring in the third dimension. Based upon knowing who I am, my talents and gifts and as an adult stating my needs and setting my boundaries and knowing my purpose in this lifetime, it fulfills me. How does that make me feel? It feels joyous. Then it must resonate for me. I will gravitate toward that.

The question now is, can you now fully release duality in your life? Can you see that opposing what is transpiring in the third dimension keeps you in a place of duality? Thus it stagnates the ascension process to the mount. It is time, if you so choose, to release opposing anything. Feel your feelings about what is taking place. See if it resonates or doesn’t. Then accept either or both. Know who you are, where you are, your talents and gifts and know your purpose. The only way in which growth can continue both personally as well as with the new soul family when it moves out into the world to raise the level of resonance and vibration of those outside of you, is to move into the feminine energy of acceptance and compassion. You then can receive the third dimensional realm outside of you to see it for what it is but also see the remnants of opposition– isolation and separation.

Dear Ones, unbeknownst to each and every one of you, you can use the connotation of “spirituality” as just another refuge in your quest for isolation and separation–as if to say, I am doing this and I no longer need to be a part of that. So I will separate from it, oppose it, and be in spirituality. This will only allow you to remain in lack, limitation and struggling to survive your human incarnation in your third dimensional realm.You have chosen to incarnate in this human form with a purpose, for a purpose. In one way, shape or form you have discovered that purpose. And the only way you can be that purpose–to live and be the messenger to relay your message asthe conduit to those outside of you in true impeccability and integrity of the word– is to fully move into acceptance with compassion and receive what is transpiring outside of you. And then release your opposition to it.

So nightly, before you enter the sleep state and release your attachments to the third dimensional realm, move within and recapitulate your day. Look at what has transpired and, step one, ask: how does it make me feel? Step two: does it resonate for me or doesn’t it? Step three: what is my choice here? Do I oppose what doesn’t resonate for me? Do I deify myself as a spiritual being and no longer want to take part in that? Or can you now ask: can I receive and accept with compassion what has transpired outside of me during my day and accept those experiences and individuals who don’t resonate for me? Then make a choice in acceptance and compassion with that and see if I am opposing it.It is time to fully release separation and isolation. Move into the feminine beingness of you. See the white light that cascades down upon you. It is the Christ light. Feel its energy. Feel its love. Feel its acceptance and its compassion for you.

You are no different than those outside of you. Yet you are on a different pathway. For when you look outside of you at those you oppose, you are them and they are you. When you see others opposing whatever it is they oppose, you are them and they are you, if you oppose them.

It is now most important to move into this place of acceptance and compassion, to begin to BE acceptance and compassion. This is about living your life with the impeccability of your word.

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