Message Six, Are You Ready?

From high upon the mount We come to you. This is Jeshua. We come to you at this most important time in your progress as you are now ready to step upon the mount with your message and purpose intact. As you continue on your pathway into the unknown to relay your message to the masses, We ask you:

Are you ready?

Are you fully ready now to leave behind the old and what has surfaced in the first five messages of these Six Sacred Messages? Are you ready to move into the center of your HEART to neutrality to move onto the pathway into the unknown effortlessly? We ask you to look into the depth of your heart at what holds you from moving effortlessly on this pathway. Is it what has been conjured up inside of you when you look outside of you into your third dimensional realm? What inside of you keeps you in a place of struggling with and opposing that which is outside of you? Are you opposing your brethren based upon what is inside of you?

Where are you, dear ones? We ask you to ask this question of yourself with meaning, value and purpose. For the purpose of asking this question is to tell you where you are and if you are fully ready in each and every moment. What is within you that holds you in a place of opposition? Are you looking at the “big picture” of life, which is your purpose in life? What holds you in limitation? We ask you these questions now because they are pertinent at this time as you are perched, ready at the precipice to stand at the mount and deliver your message to the masses. And you are doing this based upon who you are, your talents and gifts and why you are here. Do you know why you are here? Where are you within you?

Are you moving within your relationships effortlessly and with ease? Or is it imperative to create drama and consternation in relationships because of your training, your conditioning and what you have been taught? Are you doing this based upon your model of a relationship? Look within constantly and at the mirror, for it is YOU who creates the new and who creates your reality. It is YOU who is creating everything and it is important to create the NEW within you.It is most important now to look in the mirror to see if it is you who creates the drama and the glamour in your relationships and to see the OLD remnants of the nervous system that are conjured up inside of you. If, in fact, there is opposition, drama, glamour in relationships, then that is the relationship you know. It is time to look at your relationships and your relationship with those relationships to see your part in them and to take responsibility for that. What is your part in these relationships? Are you continually opposing in these relationships based upon your wounding?

It is now time to move on the pathway into the unknown effortlessly. It is most important to see the effort and energy that you put into your purpose in this lifetime. As We have asked you throughout these Six Sacred Messages, look outside of you to see what is transpiring out there. Is it easy? Is it effortless? Easy and effortless creates a smooth, streamlined pathway to be the messenger. Yet, it is up to you to see if ,in fact, it is you who opposes in relationships and has the need to stimulate the nervous system for drama and glamour. Can a relationship exist for you without drama and glamour? Can a relationship be simple, effortless, and easy in joy, community, harmony and equality? Are your relationships in community, harmony and equality? Or is there a fight in your relationships? Is there a fight for separation? Do you oppose in relationships? Do you conjure drama and glamour?

These Six Sacred Messages are given to you so you can look into the mirror. They are given to you so you can see where you are because it is important to see the true impeccability and integrity of the WORD in your life. If you stand at the mount as the messenger relaying your message that is based upon your purpose in this lifetime, it is most important to raise your level of consciousness to a level that you have never known. This is another reason for the impetus of the Six Sacred Messages, for these messages will raise your consciousness to another level.

So as We conclude this sixth and final message, We implore you to continually look into the mirror and ask, where am I? What is transpiring in my life at this time? As you are now poised and ready at the precipice to stand on the mount and deliver your message to the world based upon your talents and gifts, are you ready to do this? Are you ready to be who you are? Are you ready to be the messenger and ready to be your purpose? Are you ready to now form the new soul family with like-minded individuals who resonate and vibrate at a similar level as you? Dear ones, are you ready to take the next step?

It is time now, if you so choose, to relay these Six Sacred Messages to the world. For, dear ones, you are now ready–each and every one of you.

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