Sacred Poetry & Mystical Messages

To Change Your Life & The World

by Phillip Elton Collins

Sacred Poetry

In the beginning there was the word, and the word thought ‘let there be Light’. The Light became the foundation of all. The word is the most powerful force, and tool in the Universe. From an unconditionally loving Cosmic Consciousness comes a thought that becomes a word that becomes an action, and there is Creation.

The words love and light are throughout SACRED POETRY and MYSTICAL MESSAGES, and are ancient inner powers that have not always been embodied throughout our history. Are we ready to employ them now, and create a new reality of equality, harmony and balance? The left brain format of this book can allow a deeper access to universal teachings. If applied and allowed the word here can and will change first you, and then the world around you.

Are you ready to first further awaken you; then shift the world around you?

Phillip Collins is a multi-dimensional mix of seen and unseen worlds. He is a way shower into old truths becoming seen again as our species and planet moves into higher expressions of awareness and reality.

Open this book at any random page and allow the wisdom and teaching you are intended to receive at that moment to appear. Then you will begin to experience the gift, and the intention of this endeavor…

Phillip brings a diversified background into being the co-founder of The Angel News Network, and The Angel News Network as a teacher, journalist, author, poet, filmmaker, and healing arts light ascension therapist addressing the integration of the emotional, mental and physical bodies. He directly receives messages and teachings from higher realms which are empowering,and sometimes provocative. Coming Home To Lemuria, An Ascension Adventure Story, Phillip’s earlier book is currently being adapted into stage and screen plays. His background also includes international commercial communications skills with innovative filmmakers George Lucas, as director of marketing at Industrial Light & Magic, and founder of Fairbanks Films with film directors Ridley and Tony Scott. His soul plan combines these talents and gifts into assisting our planet and humanity into shifting into a new paradigm of “We Consciousness,” moving us into our final Golden Age.

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SACRED POETRY & MYSTICAL MESSAGES is a wonderful gift to humanity from Phillip Elton Collins and the Angel News Network. Find it through the Angel News Network at, New Leaf Distributing, and booksellers.

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