Holy inspired by Jesus, The Christ Consciousness, and Ascended Master Saint Germain

By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network


Many of us are aware we are moving from the worn out old to an unknown new. Our planet and ourselves are now being given a most divine gift to awaken to our true selves and purpose in Being (here). To let go of duality and confrontation that have kept us separate far too long. To now join in Oneness and We Consciousness to fully activate our divine soul plans, planet and people alike.

A precious pair of Ascended Masters, who once walked this Earth as we, are vital links to this process of moving from the mercurial me to the wondrous we: Jesus Christ and Saint Germain. As we further awaken more and more is being revealed, beyond our religions and past metaphysical studies as to who these devoted ‘Sons of Source’ truly were and are.

What is the meaning, value and purpose of this divine duos’ actions? Within their soul plans and service to Source they ushered in the Christ Consciousness(Jesus) and the I AM THAT I AM higher self presence (Saint. Germain), from the Piscean into the Aquarian Ages. This transition thus activated what has been called the Ascension process of the planet and humanity; moving into a higher frequency of existence. In effect this allowed the integration of the I AM presence with the Christ Consciousness No man nor other being can now shut this unified portal. This is a balancing of personal and planetary karma. It is our divine birthright for this event to take place now. Let us fill our hearts with gratitude that we have all chosen to be here for this glorious application of Creation.

Saint Germain has had many extraordinary incarnations/embodiments on this planet always assisting humanity in ascending onward. Please see the studies within THE SEVEN SACRED FLAMES for a complete understanding of them all. In the 11th Century B.C. he was the prophet-priest Samuel in Israel, and as the ‘sponsor’ in creating the United States of America, he is belovedly known as “Uncle Sam, where he brought forth the twelve (tribes) star systems that seeded Earth revealing each ones true mission as light bearers in service to Source. The recreation of paradise (Oneness) on Earth through the Word (Consciousness) becoming density was/is the mission of Earth, the Lover-versity of the Universe.

Through the combined teachings of Jesus, The Christ Consciousness and Saint Germain we can know our higher Christ self as our True Real Self as we heal our wounds and ego defenses, and negative karma from past and present lives. Through the Law of Transmutation utilizing the Christ Consciousness and I AM presence humanity worldwide is being given the opportunity to become free of false prophets, false pastors, false gurus and false Christs in our religions, governments and corporations. Thus, through the intentions and energies of Ascended Mastership, and The Christ Consciousness the TRUTH SHALL SET US FREE by the spoken Word. The Word that can be expressed through prayer, meditation, and mantra. Even the sacred frequency AUM (OM), the universal sound and syllable of the Divine Mother, that represents and balances all chakras, can employ light workers and way showers to assist our Ascension.

Saint Germain and Jesus, The Christ Consciousness, are quite simply and clearly teaching and reminding us the SECOND COMING is within each one of us as one’s Holy Christ Higher Self. If the Christians, Jews, Moslems, Hindu and all others can know and accept this truth, Peace can come to this world!

Let us reveal and stop the often hidden forces that keep humanity pitted against itself for profit and greed. The solution lies within ourselves, not outside. It’s now forever present through the Christ Consciousness and our I AM Presence. No one, and no -thing can take this away from us. Are we ready to wake up and claim our divine power? And know I AM God in me is –the Way, the Truth and the Life.

We would like to leave you with this visualization and powerful tool… always see yourselves holding your right hand in the hand of The Christ Consciousness and holding your left hand in the hand of Saint Germain. Call upon these wondrous Way showers of Truth any time day or night, holding each other’s hands. These miraculous masters will never leave you as long as you remain true to the Cosmic Laws of Truth, Life, Love and Oneness and the Inner God within you, I AM THAT I AM.

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