Phillip Elton Collins with Ascended Master St. Germain, Spring, 2013.


As humanity re-connects more and more with higher realms, and moves further into “We Consciousness” wonderful gifts will be revealed to us. This is how it has always been during the creation of Golden Ages. These ages were never created alone but with the love and support from higher dimensions/frequencies. Let us know the separation from higher sources was the demise of past Golden Ages and the assurance of this permanent one we are creating now.

We shall now preview/review some of the gifts of the existing and new technologies coming to the world of science that will allow humanity to better control the elements, thus fulfill creating a world filled with freedom, equality, and oneness.

MIND SWITCHING: This will enable humanity to engage electronic/digital apparatus through brain waves by the use and mastery of the energy currents flowing through the mind. Our thoughts and emotions have always created our reality. Now we shall understand the brain more through scientific use. We are beginning to see mind-switching in computer phonetic usage and artificial limbs. As we move further into unity consciousness this will grow and expand…

PHOTOGRAPHING HUMAN AURA: Cameras will become so sensitized they will photograph the human aura, our etheric, unseen, non- physical body just outside our physical body. This will allow medical physicians the ability to see the causes of many physical and psychiatric imbalances caused by emotions and thoughts from past and present lives unsown to the patient. The brain wave patterns caused by criminal behavior recorded in the etheric body will also be photographed and the evidence of guilt or innocence will be revealed. This is a preamble of we all becoming telepathic and knowing the truth at all times.

POWER OF MAGNETISM: With the greater understanding of magnetism it will become possible to suspend objects in midair without any form of visible support. This will explain how many ancient structures were built through lavation and magnetism that cannot be built today. New optical development will increase humanity’s exploration of the submicroscopic and atomic worlds. Through the magnification of images methods of transmutation will be created. This is the constructive wisdom of the Ascended Masters revealed. But humanity has to be ready to receive such gifts and powers otherwise it might fall into destructive hands.

NEW FORMS OF TRANSPORTATION: New forms of aero navigation and transportation will be made possible by utilizing an electronic ray played upon the metal of which a vehicle is composed, eliminating the gravitational influences of the planet. This will create a ‘lightness’ similar to helium. Thus objects will rise in complete resistance to gravity. The vehicle can then be powered by safe atomic jets. COLOR IMAGINARY: Further breakthroughs beyond the present will enable increased clarity and ranges of color tones and values in televisions, and personal devices. Color is a frequency and will further connect us within oneness.

CONTROLLING WEATHER: Through more advanced satellites orbiting the planet, a new method of studying and mapping weather will cause humanity to realize the need for a central weather control station in order to direct its conditions over the entire planet. This will effect economies worldwide and further create global unity. Through the deeper awareness of weather humanity will begin to understand the thoughts and emotions and actions of humanity that create the weather.

ADVANCED CYTOLOGY: Within a deeper understanding of plants through grafting and’ seed heart’ science more (arid) areas of the planet will become productive to feed the growing population with less water, concern and effort. The entire plant will become a bread basket… There is meaning, value and purpose in the plans of Source (Earth’s Divine Soul Plan) beyond the intellect and comprehension of humanity on this planet. The above wonders will soon be dwarfed by the still greater wonders to come from higher realms as we maintain and sustain a state of constant expectancy leading into our final Golden Age, forever growing and expanding.

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