Messages from Archangel Gabriel

The mission of the realm of Archangel Gabriel is to serve as a messenger of divine information and knowledge to mankind. “We are the messenger of the truth of the relationship of humankind to the divine and the divine to humankind.” Gabriel communicated these teachings in the interviews Joel Anastasi conducted while writing the book, The Second Coming. Gabriel was channeled by Robert Baker.

The original intention of the planet Earth is for the success of a democracy, a communion of twelve star systems together as one. A system of democracy is simply a system where the equality of individuality is embraced, where equal importance of all expression is held sacred, and where all beings live for the good and the wholeness of one another. What a concept!

The United States is a new world, a new country. Its original intention was to be a synthesis of all the people of the world who have lived under oppression and have come here to find spiritual freedom and expression of their individual being. It was supposed to have been a collective of that democratic idea of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of individual social construct so that every person and every group can live together in harmony and peace. That creates a collective consciousness that brings together a synthesis of all peoples around the globe to begin to be able to synthesize all the belief systems into a new world of spiritual development. A new world that takes bits and pieces of everything and creates a synthesized whole to lead the world into a new level of unity, oneness, communion, and spiritual freedom.

Each of what you call stars now in your immediate solar system and galaxy originally were planets. Each of those planets went through a stage of evolution—as Earth is going through now—from a primitive phase through an advanced phase. Each of those planets eventually came to a point of ascension, which is where it went into light. That is why it is now a star. Each of those planets became stars as the populations of those planets ascended individually.

Then the intergalactic community—we’ll call it that—decided, “Let’s create an experiment in this new solar system where twelve of our star systems that have recently ascended get together, and let us create a (physical) body that we can all descend into with all of the qualities of all of our star systems. And we will create an ascension process that creates a unification of twelve star systems, and we will bring those together.” And so that unification of the twelve is the ascension process of your planet. This is also why you have different ethnic backgrounds and traits. Those are some of the ethnic traits of some of the star systems that have bred into the one body the star systems chose to inhabit, the human body.

Many Christians don’t believe in Jesus Christ. If they believed in Jesus Christ they would do as he illustrated. He said love one another. He didn’t say, except if they’re black, except if they’re Jews, except if they’re homosexuals, except if they’re poor, except if they’re this, except if they’re that. That is not loving one another. He said the works that I do, ye shall do and greater than I have done. He left a promise of the fulfillment of the possibility of what he imprinted into the consciousness of the earth plane through his example.

You are now in the age of the Christing of consciousness. You’re now in the age of the resurrection of the Christ. You are now in the age of the Second Coming. But it is not the Second Coming of a single man who is coming to rescue you. He already did that. He illustrated; he left you an example. Now you must lead by that example. You must do the works that he has done and greater than he has done. You must learn to love one another as you love yourself. You must learn to love yourself so you can love one another. You must do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

All disease is created by you. All disease is simply caused by imbalances in the functioning of the organism based upon imbalances in the organism emotionally, mentally, and energetically. Until you understand that life force interfered with or interrupted is what creates disease, you will never be able to conquer the illusion of disease in which you believe.

Life force interruption occurs within a physical body when you have rings of energetic and emotional armoring in the tissues of the body that prevent the life force from flowing freely through the body up and down. That energy has to go somewhere. If it is confined in a limited space, it attempts to move and interferes with the organs or the area of the body where it is trapped. Therefore, what happens with energy is what creates disease, not what happens with the physical body.

Each day in every way I make choices that enable me to open to the purpose, the fulfillment, and the prosperity of my self-expression in my life. Every choice that I make is moving me towards more of who I am, what I am and expressing and sharing that with the world. I am in a perfect state of health and well-being. It is my divine right and I demand and declare that it is as it is. I am perfect here and now. Divine love always has met and always will meet every human need.