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The books in our library were created to bring universal wisdom
from the higher realms to humanity. All the information was communicated directly to our three founders.

Second Coming: The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age

Two thousand years ago, the Archangel Gabriel announced the coming of a new age with the birth of Jesus, the Christ. Now, Gabriel is proclaiming a new 2,000-year age, one of man’s spiritual unity. This New Age was born on January 23, 1997, when planets aligned to form a six-point star, the same configuration that announced Jesus’ birth 2,000 years ago. In this New Age, humans will follow the pattern of self-mastery that Jesus demonstrated to awaken the soul. This, Gabriel says, is the Second Coming. It is not, “The Christ, the man, coming to rescue and save you…What he was telling you was that the Christ lies within you. You are the
Christ. The time in evolution has come for the Christ Consciousness, the soul, to awaken in all humankind. We come to give you the step-by-step process for the awakening of the Christ Consciousness in all humanity.”
In this in-depth and intriguing interview, Joel D. Anastasi has transcribed wisdom received from the Archangel Gabriel, who communicated to Joel through trance channel, Robert Baker, his spiritual advisor. Working from hundreds of pages of interviews, Anastasi not only shares Gabriel’s wisdom on great spiritual themes, but also provides Energizing Exercises to prepare you for the awakening of your soul.

Journey of the Awakened Heart

There is a flame that burns deep inside you. It burns brightly and radiates outward from your heart with effervescent energy. You now can choose to connect with this flame. Journey of the Awakened Heart is a book about living your soul’s purpose. It contains the teachings and wisdom of Archangel Michael that guide you to know who you are and connect with your passion deep within that tells you why we are here. Is it time to love you? Is it time to move forward? Is it time to connect to your inner flame, and radiate its spark into the world? This flame will illuminate your life! The depth of your heart is awaiting you. Come join it.

Coming Home to Lemuria, An Ascension Adventure Story

In 2010 and 2011 the co-founders of the Angel News Network were invited to make two sacred journeys to one of the most powerful energetic portals/vortices on our planet, Mt Shasta in California. The journeys were to be guided by Adama, the father of mankind, and Archangel Michael.

The purpose of the journeys was to give a powerful energetic thrust to the ascension of planet Earth and its human passengers by joining the energies of the Inner Earth Civilizations with the fifth-dimensional energies of the higher realms. We returned in 2011 to complete our mission by opening six powerful energetic vortices which today are fueling a vast field of energetic ascension phenomenon throughout the planet, helping raise humanity into a new spiritual Golden Age.

This is the story of that first journey in 2010, including all the drama and obstacles humans often bring to the creative process, no matter how spiritual or lofty the mission.

Life Mastery, Creating Your Life and the Courage to Live it

The Life Mastery Program is a guide for empowering you to create the life you want and the courage to live it. Joel Anastasi developed this sixteen-lesson self-help program from teachings of the Archangelic Realm of Michael channeled by Jeff Fasano. Life Mastery helps you consider the meaning of your life and, if you choose, guides you to develop a new life path by exploring the questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What should I be doing with my life? The program begins to shift your consciousness in a way that will change you and your life forever.

The Ascension Handbook

The Ascension Handbook is designed for those who wish to explore the boundaries of their humanity and expand their consciousness so that they may know themselves as far more than human. The Handbook was created for those who seek to know themselves as God. This material was dictated by the Two Marys, the combined energies of Mary, the mother of Jesus, and Mary Magdalene, the spouse and twin flame of Jesus, through channel Jessie Keener. Joel Anastasi interviewed the Marys and prepared the material for publication. The Handbook offers a guide to help the student evolve from someone who may have some mastery of life to begin to master themselves as God.

Sacred Poetry and Mystical Messages

This new Sacred Poetry and Mystical Message book by Angel New Network co-founder Phillip Elton Collins contains 116 original poems and twenty Inner Earth messages. Open the book at any random page and see what ancient teaching/message is meant for you in that moment. Keep this ‘spiritual reference’ tool about and allow it to remind you and refresh your journey daily. We are moving into our final Golden Age and many teachings are coming forward again to support and love us…


The word “humanity” means God being man: hu(God)- man- ity(being). The purpose of MAN POWER GOD POWER is to remember and know this truth now. Not knowing and remembering we are God experiencing itself has caused us great suffering in the past and still in the present. We have given our Man Power and God Power away to others which has allowed others to control and separate us from cosmic reality and truth. Now as we approach the creation of our final Golden Age, the time has come for MAN POWER to become GOD POWER. Are you ready? Randomly go through this collection of wisdom and allow your resonance and discernment to select a divine message for you in this moment of now. The higher realms teachings in this book are intended to assist you in your personal process of ascension, moving into a higher frequency of existence.

Happiness Handbook, Being Present is The Present

There is an eternal force within each of us called presence, a gift from the gods that can ensure our happiness. Much of our unhappiness is the result of not fully knowing who we are or why we are here. Understanding our purpose in being here and expressing this creates great happiness This handbook is filled with hundreds of phrases from our presence and instructions on how to use them. Each phrase contains a “download” of wisdom and tools to support you in becoming happy or happier. The phrases can be randomly, individually, or collectively applied. Follow your resonance and discernment to determine which ones to apply. Open this handbook at any present moment, and see what your Presence has to say to you.

God’s Glossary: A Divine Dictionary, Definitions To Change Everything

The word is still our most powerful tool for creating our reality through our thoughts and emotions. The words and short phrases in this glossary are not defined from the human mind nor historical religious texts. These definitions have been directly received from whence we all came and are intended to retain your connection to their source and original energetic/spiritual truth.

Activate Your Soul Plan: Angel Answers & Actions

Did you know you come fully equipped with a Divine Soul Plan (your purpose in being here) with each lifetime? It is up to you to choose to activate it or not through your freedom of choice and will. This book is filled with tools to teach you how to activate your soul plan.

Divine Discussions: Higher Realms Speaking Directly To Us…

We are designed and destined to be channels of higher realms, multi-dimensional, communicating directly with consciousness beyond the human mind and bringing that wisdom into humanity. Higher realm wisdom beyond the human experience created and supported all our modern miracles, advancements, and past golden ages. We are not alone and never have been alone.

THE REFOUNDING OF AMERICA, Launching Lessons For The 21st Century And Beyond

This is the powerful story of a divine experiment to create a world based on love called Earth, designed to be a reflection of creation itself. A key focus of this experiment was to create a nation with a government of the people, by the people, and for the people: The United States of America. The story of that experiment is told through the lives of three proxies serving creation. Two of the proxies are human, the third is the Ascended Master, Saint Germain, humanity’s guide during this new 2,000-year spiritual age of Aquarius.

Divine Dialogues with St Germain (Companion to "The Refounding of America"): America's Mission Is to Be The Beacon of Light for the World

These divine dialogues record conversations between St Germain (channeled by Phillip Elton Collins) and Joel Anastasi during the development of The Refounding of America, which explains how the divine realms inspired the creation of our American democracy to bring equality, harmony, and balance to the world.

Manifesting Meaningful Moments A Mix of Soulful Insights and Wondrous Wisdoms: Selected Writings

An autobiography to benefit others in meaningful, supportive ways to stimulate them to create their own stories, to know we are all essential to the whole or none of us would be here.

Saint Germain’s Seven Ascension Discourses

The great Ascended Master, Saint Germain, who has played an essential role in the spiritual evolution of humanity for thousands of years, gave these teachings to us. Saint Germain was a key force in the founding of the United States of America as a sanctuary for freedom and equality.

Divine Dialogues with Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene (The Two Marys)

These dialogues between the Two Marys (the combined energies of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene) and author Joel Anastasi took place from May 2010 to January 2016 with Jessie Keener serving as channel.


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