Two Sacred Journeys
to Mt. Shasta

In 2010 and 2011, the co-founders of The Angel News Network were invited to make two sacred journeys to one of the most powerful portals/vortices on our planet: Mt. Shasta in Northern California.

We were to serve as proxies for humanity to help our planet and mankind ascend into a higher vibration to help us create a new collective consciousness of love and unity (our divine destiny). While there have been many spiritual journeys in world history, ours were unique missions designed to balance the masculine and feminine energies and to join the fifth dimensional energies from above with the energies of the Inner Earth below.

Adama, the father of humanity and high priest of Lemuria, initiated these sacred journeys, with Archangel Michael creating specific locations and rituals to be performed by us upon the mountain. These rituals were designed to increase our vibrations, thus consciousness….moving mankind from the unhealed Me consciousness to the healed We.

COMING HOME TO LEMURIA, AN ASCENSION ADVENTURE STORY presents a detailed narrative of the first mission. As you read it, you become a proxy, as well.

Our second journey activated all the vortices we had located in the first journey, which are providing a powerful enhancement to the ascension process that Earth had already initiated. Since these journeys were completed, there have been many portals/vortices openings/activation/shifts affecting religions, governments, and cultural and educational institutions throughout our world (12/12/12, 12/21/12, 12/25/12, etc.).

Our planet and we within and upon her body are now ascending into the final 2,000-year Golden Age in which we will be eternally connected to Source and Oneness.

We are humbled to have been chosen to contribute to the Ascension Process of the planet and all who live in and upon it.