Phillip Elton Collins

Phillip Elton Collins brings a multi-dimensional background into being one of the co-founders of The Angel News Network, as a teacher/life coach, author/poet, filmmaker, Reiki Master Teacher, and Healing Arts Light Ascension Therapist, addressing the energetic balancing of our emotional, mental and physical bodies during these transformational times.

As a conscious channel, he directly receives messages and wisdom’s from various fifth-dimensional higher realms which are empowering and are reflected within his twelve books, Current Events Broadcasting Podcasts, and facilitating the Angel News Network Ascension Chair Ceremony.

Prior to his metaphysical pursuits, Phillip’s career includes being Director of Marketing for George Lucas’ Industrial Light & Magic Commercials, founder of Fairbanks Films with film director Ridley Scott and advertising executive at Young & Rubicam, New York City.

Collins’ soul plan combines these talents and gifts into assisting our planet and humanity shifting into a new paradigm of “We Consciousness” and moving into our final Golden Age.


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“When I channeled higher realms at a leading museum owned by an established university, this set a new precedent in gaining wisdom and highlighted the mission of The Angel News Network.

See CHANNELED MESSAGES VIDEOs! “A Metaphysical Examination of An Ancient Culture: Learning Beyond The Human Mind” and “Moving Into A New Level Of Consciousness.”